Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Poop

The poop keeps landing on me, I keep slipping in the poop, work is full of poop, and I'm gonna give you the straight poop. Yes, I'm trying to be funny but considering my stress level these days I doubt I will succeed.

Kittens - lots of poop. My first night back from my residential conference for school, I arrived home just in time for feeding the babies. And to apparently make up for lost time ruining perfectly clean clothes with pee and poop. Last night I again was hit by the very talented Marcel, just as I thought I was safe.

Residential Conference - lots of good poop. Really. I didn't get as much done as I wanted in terms of catching up, though I did actually read a text book! I made a great reconnection with a local therapist out here who is associated with the Pacific Center and the Women's Therapy Center. Received lots of validation about how the notes I have to write for work are horrible. Did my bit as a sex goddess, cast my mojo and my colleague finally got laid - first person since her divorce about 2 years ago! This resulted in losing my room for the night, which in turn resulted in an outrageous all-nighter pulled for no real reason but I got to see the sunrise over the bay with my new bud, Sandra.

Knitting - a little poop. A newbie in my program had a cold head so I offered to make her a hat. This resulted in visiting a LYS (local yarn store), oh the horror! Unfortunately it appears the Creative Hands doesn't have a website but you can find a review of the store here. I didn't have large enough needles (8 or 9 dpns) and really the yarn I had was too thin. So I used Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Mohair in Jasmine Tea, and purchased Queensland Collection Llama Seta in 14. (At this website it is SO much cheaper than it was in the LYS!). This Queensland stuff is heavenly, very tempted to buy a bunch and make a sweater for TGF. Made a sweet little hat.

Just about finished the one ankle sock thing (LouLous from - turning the heel wasn't too bad. I have since finished it off with the picot edging - very cute and have begun the second sock. Jennie - I will not suffer second syndrome, I just won't!

Since Niya isn't feeling too well, I really must start working on her cat bed. Chris was sweet enough to purchase some yarn (colourway #37509) I was contemplating for the project. She bought it from WEBS - yarn nirvana which I intend to wallow in when I am back east in the last summer. This stuff is beautiful! The photo on the website does not do it justice. I think I need to buy more of this stuff! It's on close out.

Work - random poop. All in all it's going really well, considering having a schedule, a fairly quiet client, and needing to do inane paperwork is hardly what I could call my strong suit. Apparently the office coordinators think my notes are great and want me to take another client when I return in September from my great adventures. I suppose I will because it's experience and it's some pay though hardly enough I tell ya what!

BirthWays - I'm buried in the poop. Newsletter hell is poop. I am very behind in nagging folks for re-upping their advertising. We lost of layout person and I am trying to find some lovely, competent and fast person to replace him.

Dance New England - up to my eyeballs in the poop. Behind here as well. Really need to download the new database structure and start entering registrations which are in just about 4 piles on my desk.

School - I can't even talk about that poop.

So that's my poop. How's yours?

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Gandksmom said...

Sorry to hear about all the poop. I know that you've read my blog about my poop also, so let's just call it a poopy night! LOL! Hang in there OK?