Friday, June 09, 2006

Yes, We Are The Suckers!

(Cue the music )

The phone rings at 12:30am, yes you read that right, freaking A.M. It was Sue, calling The Girl Friend's cell phone. Words like "damn" are uttered. TGF says, if she doesn’t leave a voicemail, it’s nothing big, but if she does it means something is up with one of the boys. Moments pass. TGF foolishly breathes a sigh of relief. As I am about to say that it could take a moment for voicemail to register, the phone beeps, Yes there is a message at this hour just for you, it says, mocking TGF. Sue is telling us about a pair of abandoned kittens. Okay, not exactly an emergency but a note is made to call her back in the morning. Somehow between that phone call and, oh about, 10 hours later, arrangements are made for the kittens to come to the Cedar Street Zoo and Rehabilitation Center.

After going to Jennie’s to make my weekly karmic d
eposit (I’m helping her organize her home) I return home to a dining table full of folks (Sue, Sarah, Eric and Isaiah), and two terribly cute and TINY kittens. From research on the web, Sarah estimates them at about 8 days old. Yes you read that right, 8 days. Their eyes are open – just, their ears are unfolded – barely, and they weight 6 and 6.5 ounces. Yes that’s less bulky than a petit S*zzler steak. So not worth eating weight yet.

Yes, of course I took pictures already. How could one not, I ask you? For the moment their names: Marcel, the white with orange spots, which is French and means “warrior”. We decided that calling him “Creamsicle” just wasn’t working for us, nor for him. The beautiful dark striper, is Sanaa, which is Swahili and means “work of beauty”.

Yes they really fit in these

classic Fiesta teacups.

Lest you think these are really the MUGS we drink our coffee from in an attempt to fool thee, here are the cups next to a standard pint glass.

So life here is filled with bottles, loads of kitten laundry, and some jealousy. Atticus, as TGF blogged about, is less than pleased about HIS mama holding babies. Last night he finally swatted at them, which got him a scolding. Wyatt is quite curious about them, getting very concerned when they cry and always, always wanting to lick them.

I tell you, there is something about feeding kittens by the bottle that just makes the world feel okay. Marcel likes to crawl up on my shoulder and burrow into the nape of my neck, making a nest out of my hair - good times, I tell you.

Next Monday night or Tuesday morning I go off to my school conference, the kittens got here Tuesday night, by Wednesday I told TFG that she was going to have to bring them for a visit at the hotel because I don't think I can go until Saturday without seeing them. Can you blame me??


wen said...

They are SO CUTE. Are you keeping them?

Wyatt's Mom said...

NOoooo! Oh did I shout that, sorry. No we are not keeping them. I think Eric will take Sanaa, and we may have found someone for Marcel.

Wyatt's Mom said...

Um, honey? I think you'll just have to wait until Sat. This trip is out for me.

Andrea said...

cuuuute! welcome to your new additions! =D