Sunday, June 11, 2006

A new work in progress (Sunny don't read this one!)

I just couldn't help myself. T'Mane's sweater pattern is easy, but a tad boring. Besides at the rate T'Mane is growing it will big on her for awhile, so I figure I have time. The back is finished, I have about half of one sleeve done and I have realized that the magazine, Knit It, was wrong about how many skeins it will take to make the top and pants. In my possession are 3 skeins of Sirdar Snuggly DK in "khaki" and 1 skein of "lavender" (I think they call it "Blueberry") for the trim. The 3 skeins of khaki are definitely going to be enough for the top but I will need probably 2 more for the pants. I suppose if I did the math I would know for sure, but I just need to find some more of the colour. There is no way to get the same dye lot I'm sure but I figure it won't matter that much. What is more annoying is Knit It! doesn't have a website, and though all (maybe all) the yarns are L*on's Brand, there isn't a correction on that website either. Frustrating. Well at least one of the other patterns from that issue that I might make (Spring 2006) has corrections noted on the website. Now before anyone suggests that I used a different yarn, I want to offer in my defense that the Sirdar gauge on the label is exactly the same as the gauge noted for the pattern and my gauge swatch!

The Cleckheaton "Tapestry" (now called Country and this colour has been unfortunately discontinued) has been whispering to me, "Go ahead, try some socks with me". Knitty's "Lou Lou" socks seemed sweet. The other night I could hold back no longer and though I had never done short rows, I embarked upon my adventure. The pattern calls for size 5 but the yarn calls for 6 and I have
e a set of double pointed size 6 so a decision was made. Besides these are just a practice pair, right? I attempted the first set of short rows for the toe and it didn't come out quite right but it was close. Frogged all of it. Crocheted a new 22 stitch chain and put it away for the night (I was doing this in bed, while TGF drifted off to dreamland). The next day, during my group supervision meeting, I started the short rows - it worked! Proceeded to start my rounds of stockinette. It seems quite clear that I will have more than enough yarn to make these into ankle length socks, which I think I will do. TGF thinks the colours would be good for Sunny, and I agree as I had mentally tagged this yarn for her. I have tried on what I have done so far and I think they will be on the large size for her but cozy. I suppose I could try to shrink it a bit, maybe in the dryer? I don't really know.

I realize I have it easy, using this yarn because compared to regular sock yarn it is bulky and I am using large needles (again by comparison), but I feel pretty hooked on the concept of making socks. I would like to try a pair using regular sock yarn such as this stuff - the colour is beautiful! Mirabella looks beautiful, but a bit advanced perhaps. Amy's socks look nice, of course I'd have to learn the provisional cast on technique. Now of course there is a certain reality I am ignoring in my glee right now - I haven't attempted a heel yet. I hear tell that could be my downfall.

Then last night I pulled out this pattern and a ball of Jo Sharp "Rare Comfort Kid Mohair", in colour Jasmine Tea. However before I could do a test swatch TGF looked in askan
ce saying "That doesn't look like crawling into bed and cuddling." I am concerned about the dimensions given in the pattern as, well, frankly the lovely woman in the photo is very slender and I am most certainly am not. In fact because my arms are on the large size (even when I weigh less, I have fairly bulky muscle) it can be challenging to find tops that work on me. This pattern is lovely but very different and wouldn't work with the Jo Sharp yarn. Elann has a beautiful one, but would take more attention and again, wrong yarn. Of course I'm not sure I entirely understand Leigh's pattern but I didn't think I understood short rows until the day before yesterday. However mohair yarn doesn't always do well with frogging, though I do have 5 or 6 balls, and I could get more but not at the same fabulous price (I found these at 1/2 off back in November) nor the same dye lot. Am I crazy for trying it? Probably but well, so what? Well, so what, one might offer is, er, what about school work and work? Yeah. Well, it's still a struggle and quite frankly the knitting is key to my sanity right now. Perhaps that a bit of an inversion in that having many WIPs (works in progress) is the road to insanity. Sigh. But productive insanity, I say. My niece will be kept in homemade knitted garments and hopefully toys as well. Sunny will continue to get long distance hugs this way. The Girl Friend will have scarves, hats, mittens (one day, I promise honey!), and other items to help keep her warm - she chills most easily. And hopefully many friends will continue to be recipients as well. I have so many plans for various folks in my life. I can't blog about them because, well they read this damn thing. Imagine that!


Jennie said...

Um, sweetie? I'm glad you're using the Tapestry yarn, but IIRC, it's superwash; I don't think you can shrink it if you try. But the socks are lovely. I recommend against the Mirabella socks, as the heel shaping is simply cast off as "Work heel shaping in the same manner as the toe" and that's it! How rude, not to include specific directions, say I. (They are lovely though)

Dharma said...

Ya know, I looked and looked on that label and it doesn't say superwash.

Good catch on Mirabella, but I'm still in the dreaming stages anyway as I haven't tackled a heel of any kind yet.