Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sanaa & Marcel, the foster babies

Yes, they are still here and we are painfully attached to them. Sanaa and Marcel have wrapped their very tiny paws around our hearts. Tomorrow they will be 5 weeks old and we have had them since they were about 10 days old.

In a bittersweet development,
they are starting to eat regular kitten food which means we are slowly weaning them off bottles. This means greater freedom for us mamas and them in they are having more say in when they eat and we don't have to be responsible for every morsel they consume.

In really shocking turn of events, Atticus aka Stitch, Experiment 626, has become an amazingly loving big brother.

Sanaa stood up to him one day and puffed her little self up as big as possible, hissing and swatted at him, while they were vying for the turf that is my lap. Ever since then, poof, he loves her and Marcel.

Recently we procured a playpen off Freecycl* to use in the living room to give them room to roam but still be contained. Atticus climbs in there with them to hang out. He grooms them both, and they cuddle up to him. We often find them all snugged up together sleeping in the afternoon in there.

We aren't not sure who will adopt them or even if they will go to the same home, but they sure do love each other. I do know that I r
eally want to know the people who take them because I would love to be able to stay connected to these special beasts.


Ancrene Wiseass said...

Ohhh! I am smitten. By all of them.

Melissa said...

Oh, the thought of kittens. It always comes over me in the fall. I may have my hands full with two older girls right now, but how your pictures make me long for one...or two.
Thinking about you!