Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where did the time go?

So my dearest Jennie, not to subtly, pointed out that I hadn't posted in nine days. I thought, could that be right? But I guess it is. I've been busy. My creativity a bit tapped out, I confess.

On a positive note:
- I finished and SUBMITTED one of two papers to Dr. Fox (yes, that really is the name). Even started the second one.
- Did the first 3 deposits of checks for DNE.
- Am majorly caught up on data entry of registrations.
- Have handled a bunch of work exchange details for camp as well.
- Have been in contact with two potential layout people for the BirthWays newsletter.
- Am only one week behind in progress notes for work.
- Have been to the dog park(s) a lot more lately.
- Have done a fair amount of socializing with out of towners and local folks.

In the last two weeks I've been to:
Fondue Freds in Berkeley, which was kind of disappointing this time around, as already noted by Jennie and Andrea (look under July 21st). We didn't have our usual lovely if a bit slow server. But the company was great. And still I didn't really talk to Lucinda and Jen. How does this keep happening???

A fantabulous potluck at Ruthie's house where the kids in attendance had way too much fun. Two little girls who had never met declared themselves cousins.

Santa Cruz Diner for breakfast with more fabulous folks.

Grilled tofu dogs at Seabright Beach, later that day. Grilled is definitely the best way to eat tofu hot dogs. Given that I am not a huge fan of any version of hot dogs I realize I am not the best judge of these delicate tidbits.

Then for the folks in my life who delight in meat we met up at Hot Pot City. I have not been to one of these places before but it was great fun, even without meat, which is how I enjoyed the meal. Among the delights I enjoyed was a bowl of rice with sesame sauce, scallions and crushed peanuts - YUM. Andrea and Liz hadn't realized that meat is not a mainstay of my diet and were very concerned that I wouldn't find enough to eat - so not a problem. Liz and I then went to Fantasia, despite our stuffed bellies for toffee crack. Liz assured me that she was a regular. Sure enough she is - we barely sidled up to the counter when a guy in the back looked up at her. She responded with a hand signal indicating that she needed two of something. But no fear, he knew exactly two of what. "He's the toffee crack master", Liz confided while he worked his magic out of our line of vision. Ah good stuff.

Andrea pondered, while we rolled down the concrete pathway at this large mall strip where our next food adventure might be. I have since come up with a few possibilities and await the election totals.

House of Chicken and Waffles

Taxi Brousse

We are open to ideas and more folks to join in. I'm thinking for example, Wen, what ya doing these days? When do you get back from Chicago? Hey I just checked your blog - you're back!!! You won a gold! Way to go. And of course Lucinda and Jen - I swear one day we will converse!

So thus completes one of my lamest posts ever, heralding a milestone in my life as a blogger.

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Andrea said...

what? that wasn't a lame post, i loved it! brought back memories. =)