Sunday, July 16, 2006

Socks and bed

Some time ago there was a very short lived thread on the glbt-knit list about house socks. Well maybe that was what they were called. I just remember that I totally understood the need for socks that worn particularly in the morning and went along with sleep clothes, or lounge wear type things.

My lounge type wear is an old pair of mens jo
e bo*ers pajama type black cotton pants, and some cozy top or another - I have quite a number. I have a favorite pair of socks, that may have been hand knit, thick gray wool, ankle length. I love these socks for around the house but I have recently discovered a hole!

Clearly this is a sign from above that I need to learn how to make socks. Several weeks back I had started on a what seemed like a simple pair to try. All in all I thought they came out pretty good. Not perfect, but as someone recently said on that same list, "that there should be a mistake in everything because only god could make a perfect thing". As one can easily see, I had a bit of difficulty with the short row heel thing. Oh well. First attempts and all that.

This yarn, called Country (formerly named Tapestry) by Cleckheaton, knitted up quickly on size 6 double pointed needles. Well mostly size 6, I lost my 5th needle and substituted a size 4 I think it was. Maybe a 3. But it worked. I finally got them in the mail and Sunny received them today. As predicted they are totally her colours.

In addition I am working on a cat bed for my Niya, who lives in Whately, MA with my ex. The yarn I've been using is GORGEOUS! It's Debbie Bliss's Soho in colourway 37509. The colour is so much better looking in person than anywhere I've seen online. I am using this pattern, by Wendy. Quickly in the process I realized the yarn called for in the pattern is significantly bulkier than what I was using. Luckily Wendy is a sweet and lovely woman who answered my question of how to adapt the pattern to my yarn.

Here is what the bed looked like with almost one full ball knitted up. I am on the third ball and I am unclear how many balls I will ultimately use but I have plenty. I am very tempted to buy more of this yarn and make myself a sweater. Yeah, right, I hear you. I haven't even done a swatch for the shrug that I planned to make myself. A girl can dream.

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Jennie said...

Nine days and no update? Nine days?

Although I thought you'd had another post since then. Maybe not.