Sunday, July 02, 2006

So I am trying

to get this damn button on my sidebar. But nothing I do seems to work. So I am pasting the *(#*($*#(% jpeg into my blog via a post and see if someone out in the blog universe can help me. Even TGF, a supergeek isn't able to help. Of course she hasn't had her second cup of java yet. But damn! Ya know? Well at least I got my flicker badge set up. Small and meek but it's there. Yeah, I know I have more important things to do but sometimes it's a matter of style over substance (name that movie reference!).


Jennie said...

Here's what I did: put it in a post, like you did, then right-clicked on it to save its location. Deleted that post but pasted that location into the template for my sidebar.

Does that help?

Wyatt's Mom said...

Let me explain how this stuff usually goes...

Her: "honey can you help me with this"

Me: "yes dear, of course"

Her: "Will wait, let me try a few things first and then I'll get back to you"

Me: "that's fine dear"

six days later

Her: "honey can you help me"

Me: "of course dear"

3 minutes of fiddling with it, an impatient sigh from her

Her: "give the laptop to me, I think I've figured it out"

Me: "yes dear"

Andrea said...

LMAO, karen!