Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I guess it's fate

According to a site, that Wen found, my name means this. If that isn't the primary role, definition, whathaveyou of a therapist, than I'll eat my eat. Er, if i had one that was tasty, that is.

Yes I know I have been very absent from my blog of late my dear loyal 10 readers. It is in part because of things related to my fate - school is taking significant time.

As is Dance New England - registration is cranking and I am behind. I know y'all are so surprised. So instead of accompanying the beloved GF to Costc* to pick up the exciting items of cigarettes (for her), gum (for both of us), pigs ears (for Wyatt), coffee (for both of us), chicken (for the cats), and whatever else catches the attention I am about to head up to my office for a marathon data entry session. Why a marathon, other than I am behind, you ask. I found out today compliments of a 7 frigging A.M. phone call on My. Home. Phone. (I have a separate phone line just for DNE!) that there is a meeting on Saturday for which numbers must be culled. Yes, that person will be reprimanded for such actions, I assure you.

Also keeping me up at night is a little disaster I had with my computer which caused all the BirthWays email to be deeply hided on my computer. Somewhere. Which of course means yet another level of delay in getting out the newsletter.

Yeah, life is good. Not. Well actually in some ways it is. I love my DNE work, really I do, except for those pesky phone calls at obscene hours on my home line. BirthWays, well that's a litle more vague. But the kittens, Marcel and Sanaa, are still lovely creatures who I just adore. The other critters of the house make me smile everyday.

And then there is TGF who has had extraordinary patience with my crummy moods of late. She is the best. Of course some quality time in the bedroom the other night also has improved my outlook in a major way. With the amount of stress I have been feeling,my libido has, well, hung the "On Vacation" sign on my body. But after spatting over some smaller and larger things, it was clear that this was not helping my stress, TGF's stress, nor was the lack of sensuality offering a more productive Dharma. Just a miserable one. I happy to say that spending some fun time with TGF was just what the doctor ordered, assuming one could actually find such a cool doc. I still have the same load hanging over my head but I feel clearer. Perhaps more importantly, I feel reconnected with TGF, which is always a good thing.


Andrea said...

yay for good thing, boo for bad things! when things get crappy, it always helps me to remember that things really aren't *that* bad in the grand scheme of things.

helps also to apply ice cream or comfort food of choice. =)

Dharma said...

Yep, loves me my ice cream and comfort food. Really things are feeling better right now and for that I'm grateful.

Gandksmom said...

So glad that you are feeling better. Perhaps I should follow your cue? I know that Cheryl would be pleased.