Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sleep where art thou?

It's not like I am not tired. It's not like starting this adventure with a decent sleep wouldn't be a good idea. It's not like I hate sleeping. But I can't seem to sleep very solidly, so here I am at 5am editing the second of three papers for Developmental Psychololgy, printing out three articles that need to form a significant basis of the last paper, which needs to include a casual interview, at least one primary source and should be 6-10 pages. Did I mention I had really planned to have this done by the due date of the 20th, which may I point out is TOMORROW! Planning, I don't need no stinking planning. Yes, I have already written to said professor while attaching the file for the first paper.

I slept, if one can call it that, pinned by a kitten on each side, Atticus and Gemma. Dreaming about packing, BirthWays, knitting and who know what all - but they were all colliding. Tossing and turning going back to the same sort of dream if not the same dream, bladder kicking me. Finally at 4:20 or so I took care of my bladder and returned to bed, minus Gemma. My mind kept racing, with one point of obsession. Remember the sweet matching bracelets Kim made for Sunny and me? Well mine is missing. Yep, totally gone. For about two weeks now. Right after Sunny told me she had problems with it unlatching, a problem heretofore I had not experienced, it disappeared. The universe has sucked it away from me. I have been beside myself the entire time. So here I am about to board a plane to see her and I don't have the bracelet. So I am lying in bed thinking about getting up and printing papers and trying to envision exactly when it disappeared (which at this point is entirely fuzzy), and where in this house it might be hiding. I have somewhat convinced myself that it is somewhere tangled up in the bed (not overly likely that it would still MIA if that were true), under the bed (I've looked but...), under my dressing table (cats you know), or possibly in the backyard because Wyatt took it and buried it (charming). Since The Girl Friend is still sleeping I can't perform the gymnastics and lighting that would be required to perform a search mission.

I have just sent the third article to print - 29 pages. In straightening out the second article, which is apparently a series of articles from a journal, I am thinking that perhaps a primary source I could use is that damned book I was supposed to read first semester and never got through, Evolution's Rainbow, by Joan Roughgarden. But would that count as "read a particular theorist's writing"? I think so, and since I am choosing to write on is gender matters:
In general, understanding gender identity becomes linked (confused) with sexual orientation. Selected readings have been included that exemplify current thinking in the literature. In your paper, be sure to address this issue and your position. I am thinking this could work, plus it would be a two for one kinda deal. It would mean that I read the book, or at least seriously skim it, which give me the basis to write that other way over due paper! Or would it work. Damn I don't know. Roughgarden is so far from the benchmark of developmental theorist such as Mahler, Piaget, Bandura, right? Maybe with sleep there would be greater clarity.

Well the sort of good news is that the articles are done printing, I just check my flight and it's on time, so I take off about 8:30am. Time to look for the sweater pattern as I think I might start with that pattern even though I don't have the ribbon yarn yet. I am bringing yarn for Leigh's hat and sweater, and for scarf pattern from (not fuzzy yarn at all so who knows if it will work, I'm totally winging it on the yarn choice, my stash is limited, unlike some folks! So envious!!!!) . Because you know, I only am writing at minimum one paper while I'm there, even though I am bringing the materials to do at least one more for another class, cooking Sunny whatever her heart desires, making about fifty business calls for her I figure, taking her to some appointments, trying to get her out of the house at least once a day. Oh and I'm going to try to make my dear friend Greg at Grand Central Station for a meal at the Osyter Bar because I've never done that and I miss him like crazy. Yeah plenty of time for knitting.

6:10am, I guess it's time to clean up a bit, worry about what I might have forgotten, drink coffee, eat cold pizza, kiss all the animals good bye (so hard), and get in the car.

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