Friday, February 03, 2006

Same Scarf, Different Yarn

Awhile back Jennie was looking for a scarf pattern and being the searching/surfing queen that I am I went on an expedition to find possibilities. Well I found one she liked and it turned out The Girl Friend liked it too. Here's a link to Jennie's working of the scarf.

In the vast stash I acquired via Freecycle I had this icy blue acrylic that I had no idea what to make with it. But then I was reminded by The Girl Friend that a friend of ours loves baby blue - AHA! I thought, well why not use that yarn to practice said pattern.

This pattern knits up pretty fast. There are definitely a few dropped stitiches on this one as the purl side stitches are very close together and easy to lose track of, but I have pretty much solved that as I've worked it more.

During that famous yarn shopping experience in December I picked up yarn for The Girl Friend to use with this pattern. I pondered, I fondled, I questioned, I rubbed various yarn against my face. Finally I settle on Classic Elite "Inca Alpaca", colour #1182 (it's in Color Board 3 - Heather Violet).

Last night during my very short work meeting I decided to c
ast on with this yarn and get her scarf started since she has been very patient while I knit all this other stuff before her scarf. It did help that with Jennie and Sarah's help I finally got the hanks into balls this past weekend.

Here's what happened so far. I wish the shot showed the color better. Oh well, next time. This is so soft. The drape is so different with this yarn than the blue of course, but it is so fun to have such a direct comparison! As I said, this pattern goes very quickly. I suspect GF will have a scarf very soon to wear when walking the dog. Of course today, we were both too warmly dressed. A beautiful day at the park. Unfortunately Fridays have no Piccolo attendance as Ruth is in an all day sculpture class for the semester. As usual I took my knitting with me for the drive to the park and back - completed another 7 or 8 rows total during drive time. I can't wait to see how this looks after blocking.

The honeycomb patterning will become more distinct I expect. Not sure how much yarn I will use, I bought 4 hanks, and wound three. That should definitely be enough for the scarf and a hat. Since I have left one hank intact, I may be able to return that along with the extra ball of the fantastic Ornaghi yarn for credit at Skein Lane - that would give me about $20 in store credit! Oh my.


Wyatt's Mom said...

I wish the purple had come out in the photo, it is so beautiful. I'm scoring big time with this. I love it, but not as much as my beautiful ring that my lovely girlfriend bestow upon me.

the girlfriend

Melissa said...

Pretty pretty pattern. Gotta try that one...