Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Decisions, decisions

During the monthy Contra Costa county meeting/training for TBS folks I finished the first ball of alpaca for The Girl Friend's scarf. Later that day I went back to the baby blue scarf for Jeriann, but gosh that acrylic feels so nasty after the natural fiber. I have enough of that blue yarn that I think I will add a hat to this gift, maybe that hat I made for Sunny in January. Or maybe a different to keep the challenges a-rolling.

Today, through Jennie, I learned that alpaca will stretch, perhaps a lot, especially if knitted loosely. Granted this is my first time working with alpaca (I am very new to knitting) but I can't imagine knitting this stuff tightly. I will use at least 2 hanks for the scarf, make a hat, and see where I'm at.

I think I finally found a pattern for our niece's sweater. Thank goodness! That was driving me nuts. Of course I don't have any ribbon yarn, so first I will look in my stash and see if I have anything that would combine nicely with the mohair. Then, oh dear, I might have to go shopping.

On top of all that (finishing two scarves, making a hat, and the sweater) I have been contemplating joining in the Knitting Olympics, because well, frankly I don't have enough on my plate (academic probation anyone?). Leigh's Tigger sweater could be a reasonable enough challenge for me, I would have to do it in 16 days, the last sweater took two months. However, I was thinking of challenging myself by making my first pair of socks. Jennie has been, well, frankly, a big naysayer in this idea. Today, on the GLB Knit list, someone mentioned making these. Well that would be a little less work than full out socks. Right?

Of course the problem with this idea is not that I have schoolwork up the wazoo, a bathroom to paint, an office to finishing decorating, a large crew of four-footed creatures to care for, a Girl Friend who requires attention, the messiest garden ever, but that it would make me a joine
r {shudder}. I am so not one of those! Such a dilemma. The idea of the challenge is good, really good. There also is a matter of not being able to find a Team Austria button anywhere! But again, a joiner, me?

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Wyatt's Mom said...

The Girlfriend requires attention? Hmm. I wondering if this is a true statement. I mean really, don't most humans long for some sort of attention, but requires it? Maybe, but I'm quite sure that I fall into the category of self sufficient.

And to end this little rant, please move me up on your blog list. Last place is just not good enough for someone that requires attention!