Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Leaving on a jet blue

Yes, it's true, I am flying east on Sunday. Sunny called today while I was out, asking The Girl Friend, apparently very firmly for me to call when I got out. The Girl Friend was concerned that Sunny was pissed off. I thought perhaps she was ticked off because she got the hotel bill from the RC last month, but then I thought nah. It was her idea that I do whatever was necessary to stay where the conference was. What I did remember was that today was her doctor's appointment.

Bracing myself for anything, I called. She didn't want to go into details, but said she had a severe panic attack or something bordering on a manic doohickey when she got to the hospital. Apparently she is having trouble coping and needs help so she wants me to come out asap. I do mean asap as she was not pleased to find out that I had the second part of the training to attend on Friday. From now until I arrive I am to call her daily. I did a bunch of research and found the best deal for short notice travel on Jet Bl*e, which I've heard good things about. One way big bonus - no transfering, no stop overs. Yee Ha! After barely flying for twenty years I have started to lose track how often I have flown since moving here 4.5 years ago. It's surreal.

However, this means that once again I need to leave my beloved and the animals to fend for themselves. I am thinking this is not a good time for The Girl Friend to meet Sunny. Besides the amount of manuvering for animal care on short notice is insane. It feels like my world has been turned upside down again. It's totally ridiculous and quite besides the point but still I wonder how "normal" this response is and how much of this "breakdown" is because of who she is. It really doesn't matter and I suppose that the wondering is because I want to put some order, structure to this, for there to be an explanation that fits into the realm of normal and not in the realm of crazy.

Now I start the list of what needs to be done before a morning flight on Sunday, with Friday being taken up with about 6 hours of training on PART, don't ask.


Anonymous said...

Jet Bl*e is great. Really comfy seats. I'm sorry Sunny is having such a hard time. It sounds like your being there might be helpful to both of you, though... R

Ancrene Wiseass said...

I'm sorry Sunny's having a rough time of it! I hope you'll have a safe trip and that things will get better for her.