Friday, February 24, 2006

Trip back east

My flight was lovely, I am quite please with Jet Bl*e. Even with the lack of sleep I managed to be quite productive on my flight and didn't sleep one wink. I read about half of the articles I printed out, and started my niece's hat, which went quite well. Using two strands of the mohair gives a totally different look as compared to when I used it for Sunny's hat, rather than forming stripes it give a more blended watercolour look of colours. Perfect!

The woman in my row was also a knitter, which I knew just by looking at her. Do you think that knitters can have purl-dar like lesbians have gaydar? Anyway, a cool feature of Jet Bl*e is that they have tv screens with D*rect TV so you can watch all these different channels. I was so pleased when I found Project Runway, they were showing an episode I hadn't seen yet, it was down to Santino, Chloe, Kara, and um, Daniel. Can you believe the programming shut down because we were so close to landing that I didn't even find out who had to leave! Talk about frustrating. I was thinking it would be Chloe though I didn't want it to be. Okay I just looked it up, Kara get axed. While I am sorry she got booted, I am psyched that it wasn't Chloe. Whew.

Now on to less trivial stuff. Sunny looks older, tired, and it's clear she has bald under her various head coverings. We talked about what she needed help with, it was all the sorts of things I figured. Time consuming but fine. I then said, Well I would really like a few hours off on Thursday to meet up with Greg for lunch. Very tersely she said, we'll see. That was truly my first clue that she had been in a bad way if she was so unwilling to conceive of parting with me for a few hours. Being the consummate zen student, I didn't react and merely responded with something along the lines - I just thought I'd give you lots of advance notice. From there I tried to keep the patter light, mostly telling stories about my animals. Since Sunny and Lindsay are animals lovers, I figured this was a good game plan. Before I had even got on the plane Sunny had raved about this restaurant so we proceed to drive straight there as I was starving what with the most substantial thing I had eaten was a slice of cold pizza before leaving for the airport. It was closed, the nerve. We settled on a place near them, where I had a terrible time deciding what to eat because I was so hungry and things sounded so good everywhere I looked on the menu. I finally settled on the Crispy Asian Style Calamari Salad. It was perfect.

Waiting for me in my room was a clipboard with each day having a sheet of potential tasks to accomplish. Well, Sunny does like lists. It was fairly extensive. A lot of it was making various doctor and doctor type appointments for her. Even though Monday was a holiday I knew I would try to make calls, because, well you never know.

Somehow I wasn't tired enough to sleep and stayed up very late. I could say that I was just trying to adjust to the time zone but I think it was adrenaline.


louisiana swamp rat said...

I'll be thinking of you, sweetie. Just be strong and take care.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

Thinking of you!