Monday, February 20, 2006

Ode to my love

(Okay not truly an ode, since unlike Sunny, I have no idea of the form.)

My love, otherwise known as The Girl Friend, has pointed out that nowhere did I talk about my feelings about leaving her, missing her. I have been remiss. As I noted in my comment to her posting, I toyed with the idea of writing something about our little love session before I left and how it was wonderful, and not nearly long enough and how there weren't simply enough hours left to have repeat before I left.

From the moment I made my flight reservations, if not earlier, I would look over at her with the knowledge that there would soon be a hollowness that is usually filled by being able to look over at her, see the light play upon her face. Suddenly kisses became sweeter with the thought that they would absent for too many days. Each night I crammed against her body trying to soak in the touch of her skin, her smell, just the comfort that comes from lying against here, as if I could create reserves for the empty nights coming too quickly.

This morning as I showered in the behemoth bathroom my mother designed, I imagined The Girl Friend's delight with the radiant floor heating (not evident however this morning, not sure if it was on), the towel warmer (which I don't bother with), and the ceiling heater. I could almost hear us laughing at the level of ammenties in this room - cd player, television on a wheeled cart, a coffee maker (whose existance down there is a mystery as Sunny doesn't touch the stuff) and a microwave. Yes, all this in the bathroom! I know.

So, my love, I do miss you madly, envision you in each cramped room here, pictured you cringing at the cacophony of wires that abound around the various electronics. Yes, I miss my babies terribly but no amount of their kisses or snuggles could make up for your absence.



Wyatt's Mom said...

The only thing missing in that bathroom is wireless hookup. I could live there.

The Girlfriend

louisiana swamp rat said...

Oh, gag me with a spoon!!! Remember that from the 80's??

(Joking...just joking!)