Saturday, February 18, 2006

Because I think y'all can read my mind

A comment I received on a recent entry pointed out a huge jump that reflected that I think you people know what I'm talking about without me having to explain. In the post titled, Would it still be heart if she were he, I neglected some, hm, transitional phrases. I was bitching about the commentators on NB* saying that Zhang Dan has "a heart as big as the rink she skated on" and matched it against Dee Diverision's elegant commentary on the subject of having heart, an entry under February 14 2006. As was pointed out to me, my posting reads as if I was misreading Dee, something I would be loathe to do. I clearly, upon rereading forgot to specify why I was posing these two together. Dee, please accept my mea culpa.

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Diane said...

No problem at all. But yes, male athletes are freqently said to have heart, and even "a big heart."

One of the things about figure skating, too, is that there is virtually no difference made in talking about the skaters, despite their genders. And a number of the top male skaters have women coaches, which I think says a lot about the sport.