Friday, April 11, 2008

I need to whine a bit

On a lark I decided a few minutes ago to take my temperature. As I said I have had this odd sick feeling since last night. Well it's over 100. No I don't know by how much because all I've had for eons is a blasted basal thermometer from back in the day when I was charting my menstrual cycle (first time to attempt to not get pregnant - didn't work; second time to attempt get pregnant - didn't work either). It only "counts" up until 100F and then there is unmarked space past that. The mercury went to the very end. Again.

Based on my recent experience with the Black Plague, I know it's not as high as it got during that time but dang people! A fever? Really? Well the plus side is I'm not making up feeling like crap.

Also I forgot to mention that I needed to submit to a background check and peeing in a cup for this temp job. I suppose it's because it's a job with a city agency. Plus if I wear a skirt (yeah right), or open toe shoes (that describes most of my footwear) I have to wear pantyhose or knee-his. OMG! I don't own any knee-hi hose. Here's hoping that my coworkers don't notice that I will wear the same 2-3 pants and tops during my tenure there. My closet is sorely lacking in business casual, and as noted really lacking in business professional (hence needing to borrow TGF's clothes recently).

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