Wednesday, April 09, 2008

How much do I love my neighborhood?

Yeah, I know I posted today already but I am just bursting with joy at having found this place. The other day I took Puppyman for a bit of a walk and happened upon Kevin, who introduced me to another neighbor. We chatted a bit and then his wife, the positively adorable Amanda came home. Pleasantries were exchanged and it was fun to learn where they live - cute house.

Today Puppyman and I went for a long stroll through the neighborhood - up Alberta Street where I found Amy pruning her rose bushes. This is Amy of the 15 cats and 2 dogs (who made their presence known and their displeasure at Wyatt's). Like any good dog mama I was pleased at her cooing over Wyatt. We chatted for a bit. Again really nice house.

Then I turned up Adams and wondered if I could find Cheryl's house.
It's a nice little block and sure enough I recognized her house from the description and realized I had taken a photo of her sweet porch but in the fall.

Coming upon Theobald I thought I would turn up there since there has been a conversation on the SP email list about it needing some clean up. It was there, close to Oak that I saw the Halal shop (scroll down). I keep forgetting where it is but wanting to stop in there. It's one my list of to-dos around here.

I decided to turn on Clover as I hadn't walked there much, there was a cute property for sale on that block. Also a house with a really nice paint job on fish scales on its peak. Up Perrine and onto Oak where I saw Carol walking her little dog. To her my Wyatt seems like a big dog. Of course I often get that comment but I really don't find him to be all that large. Finished up the walk from there.

Tonight I took him out again before TGF gets home and we run to the Dragons game. Her mom somehow received tickets and passed them to us. TGF called me about the game yesterday asking me if I wanted to go and I said yes, but then said maybe she would want to take our nephew, Cody. She said next time she would but she really wanted me to experience it. I could hear her expression, and well there was no way I could refuse the look I knew was on her face.

So just a bit ago I took him for a quick stroll up the Green. There is Lisa waving at me, heading towards me to chat. We are talking up a storm about nothing in particular. I look down the Green and here comes Danielle with her eldest daughter Tess, who is just too cute for words. As we parted ways I waved at Jeanne who was sitting on her front steps talking on the phone.

While it's true that it isn't always possible to get a solitary walk around here, I have had plenty of those, but I have had few that look anything like walking around here and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Okay enough gushing.

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Chris said...

Oh, you should absolutely stop at the Halal shop - I went just yesterday to pick up some flatbread and I got a bit of Feta too, which is great and also pretty cheap (like $3.75/lb or something?) The only odd thing is that the prices seem to totally depend on who's ringing you up. Last time my bread was 1.99 - this time it was 3.49! I chalk it up to part of the fun. I don't shop there very often so if they get a little more money from me occassionally, I just go with it!