Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anyone want a dog?

I know, I know! My blogging was on a great roll and then I fell silent. What can I say, being at work from 8am - 5pm has been kicking my butt. There are a ton of things rolling around in this brain of mine to write about but absolutely no energy to do so.

Then last night I was out walking Wyatt, and let's just say that it did not go well. When TGF started her blog she took my nickname for him, Puppyman, as part of her title (read her December 5th entry, cracks me up). Last night I had my own "adventure with puppyman". It was the last walk of the night and we had just left RedLady's porch where TBG (The Big Guy) had loved on Wyatt. As had Lisa F and Amy W (who thinks Wbaby smells good - he does. Usually).

Strolling back down the green, I notice someone walking small dogs and begin to bear to the right onto the grass to avoid them. Nice try Dharma. Wyatt went barking and lunging at the dogs and/or possibly the cats that were walking with them as well. I absolutely could not hold him and I went down. Hard. Stupidly I did not immediately let go of the leash either. As fast as possible I got up, probably yelling at him to back off the other beasts before standing up again.

I was able to grab Wyatt fairly quickly and the other animal owner had not freaked at my dog's terribly unfriendly greeting. Actually the only thing she said was something like, "he pulled ya right down!". Yep he sure as hell did. With a VERY tight grip on him my body was a mass of pain. I knew I had the equivalent of road rash on my left inner forearm, felt like I had it on my left breast as well. My left knee felt banged up. I was furious at the dog.

In the end I do have a very nasty scraped bruise on my inner forearm and pulled muscles in both arms but my left is really bad. Feels like I messed up the rotator cuff. Basically the majority of my body hurts from mildly to pretty badly.

This morning I woke up to raw chicken skin and paper towels used to pat dry chicken thighs on his dog bed. Not my favorite thing. We will just leave it that. I then headed to a meeting for the Funding Committee for HSPI's AIA projects. When I returned Wyatt had broken into my special treat of potato chips and finished them off, knocked the bread warmer filled with biscuits from last night dinner all over the kitchen, and had knocked my basket of yarn all over the place. Needless to say he was put into time out.

I repeat. Anyone want a dog? He's cheap to purchase. As in free.


louisiana swamp rat said...

Good thing he's lovable...reminds me of the nemisis of my past, Humphrey, our Westie of some 12 years, who, when mad at me, would take a crap in the middle of the path I walked from my bed to the bathroom, in the dark, each night without fail. Needless to say, he was lovable or he'd have been gone!

Hope you feel better soon.

dykewife said...

put some antibiotic salve on your scrapes and cuts. i'd recommend watching the dog whisperer. he's got some excellent methods for teaching dogs that you're alpha, not them and for them to listen to you.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that sweetie, hope you feel better soon. might try using a haltie leader, I use it on my goldens. fits over the head, and makes large dogs easier to manage (where the head goes, the rest follows). Puppyman will have lots of company now that the weather is better

heather said...

doesn't sound like a fun trip to the park - glad you're ok!

Jbeeky said...

your furbaby is having some ole separation anxiety, eh?

Jennie said...

OMG. Bad dog! That reminds me of the times I used to slam Max into the crate for *her* protection... I'm so sorry! I'd still be pissed.