Wednesday, April 02, 2008

An attempt to catch my lovelies up - Part 1

So I was keeping a secret on the blog so that I could keep a secret from a reader, my dear friend Greg. He was having a party to celebrate a major milestone birthday. This meant a trip to New York. Sunny and I colluded in order that I could visit with her as well. A plan was hatched, plane reservations made and I needed to hold my tongue whenever my Greg and I spoke. Next I needed to find a way to the airport in Columbus and once again my neighborhood rocks! I sent out an email asking if anyone happened to be traveling to or from Columbus on the days I was traveling. Maureen, who was our first "face" of South Park, happened to be switching her work days around which meant she was leaving at the perfect, albeit ungodly (6:15am!), hour for my flight.

Let me tell it was an absolute treat to get to speak with her at length. Our conversation rambled all about and we learned we had some studies in common (African-American women poets), though hers was far more extensive whereas I merely dabbled. The hour and a half ride quickly passed while we chatted. I simply must set up more time with her soon!

Skybus had no lines, it was easy breezy to check in and the security line was, well, non-existent. What a delight to have such a short flight and to see Sunny's smiling face just on the other side of the gate. Originally I had thought we would have Thursday and Friday to loll about before I headed to Brooklyn on Saturday with only a trip to see my friend Denise who works at a local yarn shop.

But oh no Sunny had plans, lots and lots of plans. Oh my. We drove from the airport to the house for a very quick drop off of bags and such. Seriously that's all we had time to do before we were off to meet their friend Amy at the ever delicious Wobble Cafe. After a nice, if slowly delivered lunch, my folks dropped me off at Denise's store which was a tumble of activity. She swore it had been totally quiet for weeks, until just before I walked in. No matter, I fondled yarn, helped customers match yarn and review stitches in between which we gabbed in shorthand.

From there I hopped on the Metro North to find Sunny lying in wait. We traveled down to meet up with her friend Yanna for whom she brought two shopping bags of books that I hauled from the station to her house. We grabbed a quick dinner at a lovely, tiny hole in the wall Spanish restaurant around the corner from her home. Then we grabbed a cab to land in the lower east side to hit the Yippie Cafe & Museum. I cannot remember the last time I was on the Bowery but it has to be at least 15 years, potentially more. Let me time it has changed. It was quite sad for me to learn that CBGBs is no more, having spent many hours there when my friends' played. It is quite likely I saw lots of about to be famous bands that I no longer remember because it was so loud, the acoustics so miserable and I really only went when the Turncoats were playing I hardly noticed anything else.

It was a bit surreal at the "museum" and just about everyone there was there because they were performing for some event title "Water Not Weapons". The Raging Grannies (Manhattan branch) were performing, hence our need to go since Sunny is full out committed (she designed the website linked above). I found a quiet spot on a lumpy couch and decided to see if I could remember how to do a two circular cast on for my socks. Shortly after the Grannies performed we slid out of there to the Bleeker Street subway station. Again, I cannot recall how long it's been since I was in that station but I have fond memories and it made me happy to the insignia on the wall in it's beautiful blue design.

By the time we arrived back at the house it was after 11pm and it had been a very long day. I was grateful that there was nothing scheduled for Friday because I don't think I could have done a damn thing more!

Friday the only adventure was a lovely dinner with their neighbor Barbara and her delightful daughter Emma who is coming out of her shell. I had never heard Emma talk to much! She even remembered my name, laughed at jokes and made her own joke. It was great, as always, to see Barbara. I feel so blessed to know that my mother has such a good friend literally across the road.

More later my dears!


heather said...

sounds like a good trip!

Jbeeky said...

That is so nice! I love trips like that, going back to where you once were. Pictures!

Andi said...

Sounds like a terrific trip, except for the part where you contracted the plague. Can't wait to see you and catch up.

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