Saturday, April 05, 2008

Seriously Spring

TGF has this weekend off from work. While I out of town she had the weekend off, so this our first full weekend together in about a month. How lovely! She, of course, is especially delighted as this means that I do the first walk of the Wyatt pup in the a.m. both days.

We got up fairly early, despite a raucous night caused by our neighbors having an enthusiastic party until 3:30a.m. Seriously raucous. They were clomping about, laughing way too loud, and playing the piano until the wee hours. For the first time since we moved here we went to the Public Market (well I went with some friends a few months ago but it's just not the same as going and having a slow morning with your sweetie). It's a really sweet little place and I love being about to see the people who made/grew/produced the things they are selling. Didn't buy very much, some spices, cups of coffee to sip while we browsed, breakfast to munch, treats for the Puppyman from the Humane Society, and flowers for the house.

I love love love having fresh flowers in the house. Maybe by next year I will put some plants in so I can cut them myself out my front door but this is almost as good. Lovely roses that are still closed so I am hoping we can get a number of days out of them. There was a huge pile of leaves on the counter once I finished pruning them for the base but it was quick clean up.

Everything is turned green, flowers are budding, leaves of tulips, day lilies and iris are making their way up through the earth, teasing me with thought of blooms everywhere. The simple bush outside of my living room window is in need of trimming and shaping but it's tiny leaves make me gleeful as they burst through their pods.

In the mid afternoon we settled down to a lazy nap with the window open, a gentle breeze blowing on my skin, and the birds chirping, whirring a odd serenade. Having no where to be immediately we just laid there for a bit, the room still light, it felt almost like a vacation moment. Marcelle, "the baby of the babies", as TGF likes to call her, snuggled up against one then the other of us; sweetly nudging us for screeches scratches sucking up the attention while Wyatt laid against TGF, his front legs stretched out off the bed as if he were flying through the air.

I love spring.


Andi said...

What a great way to spend a day. I was thinking that it might be fun to arrange a playdate for Sprout and Wyatt for a time when TGF was home so that she could meet the girl who keeps calling Wyatt her "Best downtown friend"... How do I convince her daddy that this child **REALLY** needs a dog?

heather said...

pretty. if i had a decent camera i'd be going bonkers, spring is so beautiful here.

also congrats on the interview!