Tuesday, October 03, 2006

200 and nothing to say

This will be my 200th post! I cannot believe it, not just because of the sheer number but because I really and truly have nothing funny, poignant, or some other great adjective to say. Sure I could, and ought to, report on our trip to NY, and I have been stewing some ideas for posts in my brain but none seem done, or more precisely I am too cranky to work on them.

Random bits from my universe:

- Marcel still isn't have the best bowel movements so a sample was ceremoniously scrapped from the living room floor behind the television where he insists of doing his bidness. He has been nicknamed Mr. Prissy Pants as I think part of using my living room floor as his litter box is because he is VERY fussy about the state of his litter box and won't use it if it does not meet his standards.

- Elliott is at the vet's office for blood tests and such, after being taken in for an 8:30am appointment. Now you have to know that 8:30am is the devil's time for TGF as she hates being up and functioning early so I am totally stumped as to why she agreed to that time yesterday when she called. The vet was not encouraging in his assessment of Elliott's health, basically everything that could be causing his belly to swell is pretty serious and potentially we may have some hard choices to make. I am holding out hope that rumors of ill health have been greatly exaggerated.

- Wyatt is being a royal pain. I do think that he is acting out in part because we were away again so soon, though he had an housesitter/pet amuser extraordinaire, Brooklynne, who spoiled him with two walks a day. In addition he needs a dose of flea medication so in the meantime he is snuffylying something horrid with such fervor that he wakes us up during the night. The coup de grace was waking up this morning to find he had spent part of those wee hours destroying a new, er, toy* TGF had bought for me (really if you think about it, for us ;-)) for my birthday yesterday. Yes, we did get to use it last night but now it has become a one trick pony as it is irrevocably destroyed. The kittens keep finding bits of carcass that was a tool of joy and playing with it. Glad
someone can still get enjoyment out of it.

- My professor finally sent my paper back with revisions. I like how he says, "You have some work to do, but not a lot". Sure not a lot. Just have to dump two citations and find new ones that say the same thing but strictly in the field of psychology. Sheesh, psychology? I mean for cripes sakes just because I am pursuing a degree in psychology the references have to be from the field? Whoever heard of such a thing? I ask you. No really, I'm asking.

- Yesterday we had a lovely breakfast at La Note, which serves my all time favorite breakfast (Cote Nord), which in my opinion is a great way to start one's birthday. I haven't been in forever, and TGF had never been there. It did not disappoint. From there we wondered into Pendragon Books next door, but surprisingly not much inspired us, though I did pick up the October issue of Cook's Illustrated my all time favorite cooking magazine and it should be yours. I thought it would be fun to check out Crossroads Trading across the street. The selection there is quite fun and most things are quite reasonably priced. Well I thought so until I went to check out and was surprised to hear the total. However I thought a moment and realized that it averaged just under $10 for each item (which doesn't match the time where things average out to $4 a piece, but still decent), including a very fun pair of heels, some, er, play clothing much of which, because I am nothing if not frugal, I can wear as part of my regular wardrobe, which I hope to make TGF crazy with since it will have other connotations. Evil? According to recent testing I am not all that evil, right?

I suspect it really is time for me to start to work, like on the above mentioned paper from hell. Still need to find a cassette player (Jennie, it needs to play regular sized cassette, not mini. But thanks!), and someone to interview for the other class. Once all this stuff is done and evaluated I will have finished two classes that have been hanging over my head for almost 2 years and I can move on to the next 3 classes I hope to finish up while taking, um, 3 classes this semester, hopefully 4 if I can enroll in one class as a mentored class rather than online. Oh yeah, and I really need to go to the TBS office this week, do my paperwork to account for my practicum hours. Not that TBS has finished getting the paperwork over to my school so Saybrook can approve the site or anything. Nope nothing like that! I am trying to gear up to taking another client as I need to get cracking on hours for this semester. The raging butterflies hit my belly every time I think about taking a new client but it must be done. Wish me luck!

* You didn't really think I'd link you to the actual toy, did you? Where would the fun be in that. This way your imagination can go wild, as we did last night.


Wyatt's Mom said...

Gotta admit that my heart raced a little when I saw that you had placed a link to our new toy... Well now the boy's new toy, but I digress. I kept screaming inside my head, "Your mother reads this! HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EVER LOVIN'MIND"! Okay, feel better now that I've shouted that.

Sweet, sweet Elliot. Have good thoughts for him everyone.

Melissa said...

Congrats on the 200!
I can relate to the toy story.
bottom line, took out of bag and saw that my cat had been secretly using it as a chew toy for months! Who even knew that cats were into CHEW toys. ;-)

wen said...

oh i love la note! and crossroads! woo hoo! :) happy b-day!

i have a story about a toy that i got for t. for part of her easter basket, which was going to be unveiled on our cruise. alas, it fell out of my baggage en route (it was there when i checked my bag and the zipper of the outside pouch was open and the toy and some contacts and such were gone when i picked it up). it was a surprise...and t wanted to know what i'd lost and take me to go file a report. uhn, nah. i'll just lump it (but it was a $50 plaything) we envisioned some southwest employee picking it up (it was wrapped) and not quite knowing what to do with it and therefore passing it on to his dog as a "chew toy." lol...

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope Elliot feels better and gets well soon, HAHAHA I have many funny stories around toys and animals... the best is this...

the boi I was dating three years ago always hard packed and we went to visit my parents in michigan and one day after a shower my boifriend couldn't find hir "cock" and was looking all over for it Zie finnaly gave up and dressed without it... later my whole family grandparent aunt uncles(bothe may parent are from large families dad middle of 13 , mom second youngest to 12) and in walks my childhood dog versace with my partners cock in his mouth and drops it on my grandma's(head of church choir and ladies social very very proper woman) feet and she picks it up and asks, whats thi...ohhhhhhhhhhh uh uh uh uh" at which point i dove at her like a foot ball player and wiske my poor partners chewed up member back to our room....

my boifriend at the time was crushed and zie could never manage to put it back in hir pants....