Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Not so finished

Well I finally decided to look at Niya's cat bed without the support of tupperware and towels to form it. Sigh. The sides flop sadly, so I suspect another go in the washer is in order. I'm thinking at least a 6 minute cycle this time, since I think I did 6 and then 2 last time. It is still quite large so I am not too concerned about that part. I am sad that it did not stiffen as I had hoped. Here's to hot water and friction.

On a happier note, I did switch needles on the surprise project and it is flying! I actually now have something that would be to big for B*rbie. The downside is it is so frigging boring. All knit stitch and I just am doing it until it's the right size, which even with better needles is going to be awhile. Soon I will pick up T'Mane's outfit again, especially since I finally ordered more yarn so I can make the pants. Jeez, it's good things she's a peanut, it should still fit. My new deadline is Thanksgiving.

The lure of the shawl sirens has hit me which leaves me pondering if the Dale of Norway Svale in Mist (9 skeins) that I have would work for either Swallowtail or Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style. Conveniently I own the copy of Interweave that has Swallowtail, and my best bud Jennie, owns the book Wrap Style. Easy enough to see if the yardage is there in my stash. This all leaves 3 skeins in lavender to use somewhere as well. Any thoughts?

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Jennie said...

Ooh! That yarn looks *awesome*! I love both those shawls/scarves. Yum!