Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Today marks one year since my first entry. I am truly shocked, shocked I tell you, that I have keep this thing going. This will be my 213th entry. That means that more days than not I wrote something. Not by much I grant you but still more than not. Okay, sure there were more entries that were quiz results than I care to admit but still for me this level of commitment is frankly staggering.

I have learned a lot through this experience so far.

1. I enjoy developing my voice.
2. I like pushing my boundaries of comfort and writing personal things. Sometimes.
3. Blogs are addicting, reading them that is. Writing them, almost as addicting.
4. Receiving comments are fun, moving, and a little like love.
5. Blog entries can be turned into graduate school assignments. With some editing of course.
6. Blogs are an obligation of your own making.
7. Writing for a mostly imaginary audience can inhibit for some reason, but writing something you know your mother reads....{shivers}. But I do it anyway.
8. Animal stories are not a cop out, quite, but make for fun entries.
9. A great by product is doing more photography and enjoying it. A lot.

I'm sure there are other things I have gotten out of doing this but I think you get the idea. So this means I am going to keeping writing. Hope you keep reading.


Anonymous said...

I started blogging more recently than you - congrats on your blogiversary - BTW - and agree with your list.

One addition to your list - for me, is the opportunity to keep a record of what I have been working on and the ability to go back and refer to it.


heather said...

congrats! i like your list too. except i would say comments are like heavenly crack.

wen said...

happy blogger b-day! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to continue to read hope you are doing well...

goblinbox said...

An aspect of blogging that I enjoy is that it causes me to write. There was a decade-long gap between my last journal and my blog; daily writing is a pleasure in and of itself.