Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Childhood Goodies

So we were planning our Harvest Blessing party.

So we were concocting a menu.

So TGF started salivating over the memory of this thing called “Popcorn Cake” that her Aunt Kay used to make on occasion.

So then there was the hunt for a recipe.

So then it was the day of the party and she was thinking about not doing it after all even though she ran out for the marshmallows required for this bizarre thing that morning because of course she hadn’t consulted the recipe when we made our list and shopped Friday night – the night before said party.

So TGF asked me, if I would make it. Nevermind that I had already made two loaves of Moroccan Pumpkin Tea loaf and Jello Brain the night before, or was making the casserole thingamabob that day, segmenting the pomegranate, had to make the dip, would be cutting up the veggies and slicing the cheese. Sure I could also make the Popcorn Cake. Why the hell not? I mean it’s not like I still needed to shower and had NO idea what I was wearing and we all know that can take some time. I mean have you seen my closet? While I suspect it will always lack half of what I think it should have it is far from empty.

There I am, “cooking” ingredients I never thought would be in my house, let alone used in combination by ME – Shedd’s Spread margarine, J*ff Peanut Butter, and mini marshmallows in a saucepan on MY stove. While stirring this concoction, I muttered something about, “How the mighty had fallen” but continued stirring resigned, at least a little, to my fate.

Later, after “unmolding it,” she poked at it, saying it did not seem firm enough. Many folks pointed to it laughing and the story of its history was told. Much discussion ensued on whether this sort of thing was in the same league of jello dishes with things like M*racle Whip and grated carrots were a Midwest thing, gentile thing or not. I vote for yes and I would be happy to keep those sorts of things in the Midwest for the most part. I love that our friends were brave and adventurous enough that more than one volunteered to try this thing.

TGF pronounced “okay but not what she remembered” and lamented it really is hard to recreate childhood memories like this one. Aside from not being as stiff a thing as she remembered she was clear that her Aunt Kay’s did NOT have a peanut butter flavor. !!! How could one not realize from the ingredient list that there was peanut butter in it and thus would taste like peanut butter? I ask you! The recipe (if you can call it that) says melt margarine, add peanut butter, blend, then add 5 CUPS worth of marshmallows and stir until smooth, pour over popcorn and added treats (in our case m&ms and peanuts) to coat. Wouldn’t you deduce it would taste a bit like peanut butter before you tasted it?

Of course being the wonderfully indulgent girlfriend that I am, I helped her deduce that her childhood Popcorn Cake must have used corn syrup and/or other things but clearly not peanut butter to bind the 11 cups of popcorn together. In fact I will hunt down a recipe that seems more appropriate and will probably even make it. Because I’m that good of a girlfriend. Or because my mightiness has really, really fallen. You decide.


Andrea said...

perhaps it should've been "add peanuts. add butter."

but i suppose you'd still have a peanut buttery taste.

goblinbox said...

Jello Brain?!