Friday, September 29, 2006

Hanging by a thread

It galls me no end to see the awful state of the sale racks at Old N*avy. Really it does. First, it is an abomination of clothing. How insulting for those articles of cotton, cotton/linen/spandex, cotton/polyester to be subjected to in the name of some careless soul looking for a deal in her size. How hard is it, I ask you, to put things back where you found them, to scoop a fallen shoulder back up to the supportive arm of a hanger? Is your time more precious than that flimsy, cotton sleeveless peasant blouse in off white? I think not.

Next up is where are all the sale people who wander aimlessly and cannot be bothered to help you. Perhaps they could better serve you, and spill forth less contempt when you ask for a size 14 if they actually straightened those damn racks.

However the most amazing thing is the lack of respect by the customers of the clothing, of the staff, of the luxury of shopping at all. Now I realize I am one of those shoppers but in my defense I will explain how I came to find myself at the Old N*vy in the Bay Shops of Emeryville. Compliments of a friend (the amazing Lisa G who is blogless) TGF has developed an addiction to slickd* While browsing the site, as she is wont to do for hours at a time of late, she found that the N*vy was having an additional 50% off their clearance merchandise. Well, even nickel scrapping but fashion conscious consumers such as ourselves could not blithely ignore such potential deals. No it was not possible for us to deny the call from the sirens of sales.

Quickly moving past the incoming fall clothing (mostly browns and grays, what is that about anyway?) but not so quickly as to miss any outstanding items of clothing to drape upon ourselves we moved swiftly to the sale section. And that my dear readers where I found myself shocked, just shocked at the state of those racks, it was horrendous. I did find some cute little things in the sales racks, though I tried on many more things than I bought. Next up, as we were on a bit of a mission as well since we were going to be going to Broadway to see A Chorus Line the third cute butt from right is my cousin!) which while still officially in previews is still going to the theatre nonetheless and TGF was looking for appropriate garb. (She did find a pair of pants at the N*vy which looked fantabulous in the rear, but she was looking for something to wear on top.)

We trudged on through some other stores, finally settling at AnnTaylor’s Loft. Now this is a distinctly more upscale environment that where we were but again the sale racks where a sight to behold, albeit not as atrocious. While dismayed at the state of affair at the N*vy I wasn’t surprised and have in fact noticed this before, but I was slightly appalled at ATL given the nature of the store. Items seemed a bit tumbled together without a lot of thought or care being given to have the same pair of pants all in one area. Very frustrating. Despite all of this I did find some delicious pants at 50% off. In black of course.


Anonymous said...

I can so relate to this, I hate shopping the sale racks or discount stores because the racks are always such a mess and I hate having to dig through everything to find the sizes I want. But I am also incredibly cheap and can't stand to pay a fortune for clothes at the upscale places.

And customer service is certainly on the decline down here in the South these days, no one seems to have basic manners anymore. Guess they're just not being "raised right" as my mother would say.

Rabbitch said...

This makes me happy that I stopped shopping for anything but yarn or food years ago.

No, I'm not naked (BUT I'LL BET YOU WERE WONDERING), people just give me their old clothes because they know I don't usually even know what I'm wearing *g*

Rabbitch said...

My verification word was "brazti". That has to mean something in some language. Perhaps Italian.

Dharma said...

I think "bratzi" is brat, thus being perfect for you hon'.

wen said...

how funny. i hardly ever go in ole n-vy or other cltohes stores, but this past weekend i was in need of some bras so off we went to macy's underwear dept. (can i tell you how hard it is to find anything in a decent, non-frilly style?).

we went into mervyn's for the same reason, and alas, i mentioned to t. what an unholy mess the store was. it looked like some kind of blue light special tornado had blown through...

then we ended up in ole' n-vy, and to my surprise i found some stuff that fits. i was seriously bumming because i 'outgrew' (ahem) many of my old clothes and hadn't bought many new ones. i was feeling crummy about my new 'figure' such that it is, even though i'm totally normal weight now and was too skinny before! the ole n-vy i was in was pretty organized, although i guess they have less stock because they are moving to another location in a month.

it was at southland. and, alas, there was no extra 50% off the clearance items (that i saw) but there *were* a large selection of sizes in the women's clothes (i was over in the boyz section, but t. was on the girly side). the sizes ranged from like a 6 to an 18. there were LOTS of 14s and 16s.

i noticed that 1) the guys pants were really short in most of the stores 2) women's clothing came in a bigger range of sizes in general. i know that buyers know their demographics, so i figure they were shopping for short guys and curvy grrls! :)