Friday, September 22, 2006

A Pictorial Entry

Finally, after way too long The Girl Friend and I went to a farmers' market, specifically the Jack London version, on Sunday, where she finally fulfilled her longing (and mine) for fried green tomatoes. Once home I went to place them in a bowl and on the buffet was a vintage fiestaware bowl - the same colour. It begged for a photograph. I actually took about a dozen, which I have edited down to about four. Be grateful I am only posting one.

The twins (as opposed to the triplets -who are not actually related - Gemma, Atticus, & Elliott) have grown so much.

Marcel starts to purr if you just look at him. He is getting healthy, he still had the runs when we got home and a second run on meds seems to have cleared it up, finally. Marcel is playful and lately Gemma has taken a liking to him exhibited by grooming behaviors. Really who could resist a face like that, I ask you?

Saana is a fiesty and affectionate little spitfire. When told no, she has a habit of looking you in the face, lifting a little paw and patting your mouth. Okay, actually she only does this to TGF. She like to cuddle up to all the cats, so far Gemma is refusing, Elliott allows her to lean into him.

I haven't posted too many photo
s of Elliott because, well, he's usually missing in action. Since we came home he has been hanging out a lot more, which is really nice. I love the sunlight on his fur in this one.

Wyatt and his best friend, Piccolo have resumed their activities playing in the fields and water ways of the two
parks we take them to daily. So I will leave you a photo of them having fun.


Anonymous said...

The kitties are so cute - I'm dying for a new one, but the wife says we have too many pets (she's right)...and the tomatoes look lovely!

And since I'm on the stupid beta version of blogger and can't comment on any blogs but other beta ones, I must comment anonymously - but you know who I am.

Anonymous said...

And since I've managed to misspell tomato and leave the wrong blogger address, I thought I'd leave a 2nd comment, just so you know I'm not insane...

Jennie said...

Don't believe her--she is insane. :)

Love the tomato photo. Thanks for posting all of these...

heather said...

your kitters are so adorable!

belledame222 said...


the KYOOOOOOOTnesssssssss