Sunday, December 28, 2008

Work is Hell

It's been a long week. Work has been absolutely awful, as in coming home in tears on Monday. I feel so completely crumbled, torn down by that place; there are small moments of competency, or even a fraction of a second of flow, but mostly I just try to get through each day without breaking down, without walking out in a blaze of curses, without a broken soul. There are bargains made within myself about how long I will, how I will negotiate if ever actually offered the job.

Sometimes I feel like I am living someone else's life and I am not sure how I got here. Who is that person getting up and putting on make up everyday, who is that woman with the closest to chic and hip haircut I have ever seen in the mirror, who is that person picking up clothes the night before. There is no way I know that person who has to remember to take out the nose piercing all the freaking time for work. I cannot figure out where my time goes, aside from work and sleep. How did I once do other things beside work when I last had a full time job? Seriously? I did a lot of things it seems, plus often had a second job for periods of time. Okay, the other full time jobs where not as stressful every damned day which certainly helps to not feel souless at the end of the day, which in turn gives one energy to do other things.

The other day I realized that part of the problem with this place is that there is no intrinsic pay off, just a paycheck. I am not the person that can live like that long term. I do not feel like I am doing bits of good, or supporting associations that actually really make a difference in the world (okay, getting rid of termites is a good thing but not the kind of difference I am talking about). It occurs to me that I need to fill out that application for CASA that I received right after Thanksgiving. Now that is the kind of change, difference I can get behind. Which means it is, of course, a volunteer thing. However if I did something like CASA again maybe a job like this one, but not necessarily this one, bearable.

Right now I need to head upstairs, pick out an outfit so I can go to bed in order to get up in the morning where I will need to run to an office supply store to find pretty invitations that can run on a laser printer for an event that is in less than 3 weeks because that damn association is nuts because if they weren't I could have had the invitations I spent three hours drafting mailed out already. Yes the same association that emailed me at 4:26 Friday December 19th asking "where are we on sending out holiday cards". No they had never said a word about sending holiday cards before that email. Tomorrow I will tell my supervisor that I am taking Friday off so I can have another 3 day work week in a desparate attempt to stay working for them. Tomorrow I will come home and do something fun, or interesting, or in some way satisfying having nothing to do with work.


LittleWit said...

Perhaps some of these agencies need to learn the meaning of the word "no." :) Do you think that would work? If not then perhaps we can find a way to persuade them to use calendars and to establish reasonable request deadlines. I am sorry this job has been so taxing for you.

goblinbox said...

Your job sucks and I feel SO bad for you. At some point you have to determine that they really are morons and they really don't mind living this way and then ask yourself if you really can stand it, which I think you can't. I work a full-time job, and I'm not worn to the nub like you are. Working full time inherently sucks, that's the nature of the beast, but I'm not being killed like you are. I think you'd do better working at a gas station then where you are. I mean, seriously: how long can you maintain the make-up, no nose pin, and clothes routine? I know I can do it for a few months, maybe a year, but forever? Fuck no. No way. That isn't me, and that's why I make about eleven bucks an hour: I'd rather be poor than drop dead of a stress-induced aneurism.

goblinbox said...

...THAN where you are. Sheesh.