Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why I dig social media

Someone I know on an email list wrote about not liking texting/quick phones of the "I just left class" genre, not understanding the appeal of Facebook, etc. She talked about the lack of deep connection in her life, that she longs for debates with friends, about how she doesn't miss PTA meetings becuase the small talk about killed her. What follows is my response:

I completely understand wanting, craving deeper connection- it is that lack that makes living in Dayton so hard. The friends I have the deepest, long term connections with live far away. Through Facebook I have begun reconnecting with someone with whom I once shared a good bond but as our connective social circumstances shifted we had with one brief exception no real contact in a good 15 years until now where through Facebook we are learning about who and where we are now. Another bonus is that she lives about 3 hour drive from me, or maybe less I don't remember.

With the help of Facebook I am growing my connection with a few people from here (in fact some of them are invading our home the weekend between christmas and new year's - again please excuse the house!). [Here means the list I originally posted this on.]

So while Facebook, email, this list, Twitter* are not the same by any means as having deep conversations in person or even over the phone, it gives me ties that hold me in place - literally and figuratively, eases my sense of isolation, encourages me to reach out more than I would by sending random emails or finding backbone to call people. Like here, I am "meeting" people via these places as which helps. Without Ravelry* I don't think I would have survived this move. The online world is not, absolutely not the same but it can become a vehicle for real life connection.

*I am "dharmawrites" on both Twitter and Ravelry, in case you want to connect with me there.


dykewife said...

i'm following you now...does that mean i'm stalking you? if so, does the stalking consist of celery or asparagus? :D

LittleWit said...

I completely agree that the online world can be super helpful during a relocation. I am not sure that I would have been as "ok" as I was with my move to Dayton had I not had some outlet for meeting and talking with people. Working from home in a small town living in apartment across the street from the airport is not exactly the best way to meet people.

Thankfully my online buddies kept me sane and Ravelry helped me find knitters to hang out with and got me out of the house. The boy has even said on occasion that he is really glad I had Ravelry to keep me busy and get me out of the house. :)