Friday, January 09, 2009

Are You There Blog, It's Me Dharma?


I know it's been awhile. Too long really. Okay first thing that I need to tell is that I am no longer employed. Yes, it's true. No, I didn't walk. On New Year's Eve I was informed that this understaffed company was going to take three positions into two so I was out. On some level I must have tasted something in the air. I had decided to take Friday, January 2nd off and give myself another 4 day weekend so I was clearing up my desk, tidying up. A lot. I had even tucked the Moderator Training manual in my bag to move it to home since I had gotten to keep a copy after setting up that event. Given the new situation I wrote to the powers that be that I would come in briefly on Friday to finish cleaning up email and leaving a status report on my various projects. I was fully assured it was a "it's not you, it' me" type of break up. They are very happy with my performance, my decision to come back in fit with the level of professionalism I had display, blah, blah. The temp agency is totally happy with me. The job was stressing me to the max so except for the lack of income thing, this is pretty good.

It's not like I had any problem telling dear blog that I was let go, I think it was a lot of exhaustion and perhaps that I treat you sometimes like my dearest friends - I don't talk when I am depressed and going through a lot. Don't get me wrong I am still a bit depressed though without the stress from this job, it's better.

Monday I jumped through a series of fiery hoops in an effort to procure my happy pills. This acrobatic adventured culminated in a visit to the local crisis care center which is probably the most surreal experience of my entire life, which includes tripping on mushrooms and taking the NYC subway system to the East Village. We shall leave it at that as I am not sure I can write it in any way that can convey how warped an experience it is and that some people should not be in counseling.

This week I have also applied for five jobs. So far one is a bit of scheme which purports to turn you into a business coach, giving you all the tools it cost about $29K. Ha, yeah right. The other was one I had written off, but my friend Maria Niles nudged me about told me she wouldn't listen to my protests that I was under qualified. My friend Jennie graciously edited my cover letter into something wonderful and amazing. Withing minutes I received a "thanks for playing" response. Sigh. I suppose it was at least good for me to brave my insecurities and go for it. In that same vein I asked the trainer from the Moderator training to join my Linked In network, which he did. Again, something I usually would think about but never really do. So I am breaking my boundaries, challenging my insecurities and putting on a good face.

More later.



Liz said...

Good to see you back. The loss of a job can certainly be a blessing. I'm eager to see what door this has opened!

Lisa said...

Glad that you are back with us. Change is good and everything happens for a reason. Step outside your comfort zones a little at a time and before long you will be so much happier for having ventured out!

Big Hugs from me!

Jennie said...

I'm sorry about the job loss. But happy too, as it was clearly a giant, steaming pile o'stress.

Good to see you blogging again. I'm trying to crank up the blog too.

{hug} from CA!

LittleWit said...

So irony of ironies, this post has been sitting open on my work machine since Friday late afternoon. Guess I would have known the answer to my question Saturday had I read it before ditching the office to go "home" Friday. :) It was wonderful to see you again and I hope that you find a job more suited to you soon!

Maria Niles said...

I am disappointed to hear about the "thanks for playing" response - it's a tough gig to get with lots of applications. But I'm so glad you put in an application with an amazing cover letter. You are great and the right opportunity will arrive.

louisiana swamp rat said...

I'm sorry about the job loss, but it sounds like it was the best thing that could have you can move on to something that will make you happier.

Anonymous said...

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