Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mostly I do NOT want to talk about yesterday

Seriously. Okay, in truth there is only one part of yesterday that sucked, and sucked deeply, painfully. Suffice it to say that I was cavalier about the universe's goodwill toward me, too hopeful. The universe laughed at me and charged me a few hundred dollars that I do not, repeat do not have for such things. That money was for for things like, I don't know, groceries, gas for the cars. You know, the luxuries in life.

Anyway. Yesterday was my first day doing independent contract work at Stars 'r Us (I signed a confidentiality waiver, which doesn't mean I can't name but still). Apparently agent types come in later in the day so the place is mostly quiet and not very populated in the mornings which is cool. I'm filling out my paperwork and Iris (not her name, but close. Keep guessing, go ahead) hands me back my driver's license. I decide to just throw in the rear pocket of my shoulder bag. As I reach in I feel something soft and fabric like. Hm, I wonder, what is that... Oh my so tacky. It's my underwear from spending the night at Jennie's last week! Wow, it's like back in my youth when I never knew where I'd be sleeping, when I'd need fresh underwear and carried all sorts of things with me. However back in those days I cleaned my bag more frequently so I would not have had a pair of underwear from a week before sitting in there funking it up. Ugh.

Watching the few people talking, seeing folks at their desks there was a part of me that thought maybe I should just get myself a cute little office job that paid my bills and give up this scheme of incurring debt, creating nightmares of perfectionism which is hindering my schooling, and becoming a therapist. It's still under debate. I promise to inform y'all if I drop out of school. (I can hear TGF and Sunny saying, each in their own way, "Hell no!")

The work itself is pretty simple though it has it's oddball moments which I'm sure I'll learn quick enough. Yesterday was just about 4 hours but I should have a full day on Monday. The special project that ate most of those hours on Friday was very speedy, for me. Apparently I did about twice the data entry as someone else in a similar time span. It seems clear that if I can figure out to work that micro MP3 player that TGF gifted me with I can slowly catch up on Brenda's podcasts which are so enjoyable while I work. I've listened to three or four and there are over forty of them. Since there is no way I can knit and do data entry at the same time (unless I can learn to type and mouse with my toes!) the podcast is as close as I can come to earning money and indulging my fiber habit.

In the meantime I continue to haunt the halls of craigslist for more lucrative options. In other cool beans sorta news, TGF has decided to go with the name I came up with for her business. When the website is up (it will be small so don't get too excited) I'll link it here. Looks like she likes the colour scheme I thought of too. Yep, I'm feeling pretty proud of myself about this. Oh, I sent out an ad to lure in, er, I mean, um cajole, or uh, attract clients. Yeah draw folks in to hire me for postpartum doula work. Got one bite but it's for August. Well it's a start.

Okay back to knitting Secret Blue Project.


Jennie said...

I'm so sorry you got bit in the butt by something expensive. :( That sucks.

Glad your data entry gig is working out well, though!

wen said...

saw your note on bas. :) good job! are you making a web site for yourself, too??