Thursday, April 12, 2007

In which our heroine hunts a job

Yet again, or rather still I am searching for work. Ideally it would be great to get something that would give me hours towards licensure but frankly I do not much care at this point. I have not worked in months, since I terminated with Miss Spawn of Satan. Given various issues, like a barely working vehicle, my ability to work for The Agency has been limited.

A week before Sunny arrived I had a very odd initial interview with a gentleman who is clearly embedded in this local agency, he rambled on and on and on. Seriously I was there 1.5 hours. Apparently my responses were on target because I made it to the next level. Two days later I had part deux of the process, going to the house where I would potentially work. This interview was much more focused and quite enjoyable. While Sunny was here I received the "Thank you so much but..." letter. Now I knew when I applied there was a small chance I'd even get a call but it stung nonetheless. The money would have been quite good. I had applied to three positions that day and got one call. Pretty good response right I think.

Monday I spent something like three hours on searching, expanding my range of jobs to outside of those that are directly related to my future career. I applied to six or seven, I couldn't have even tell who, what, where, anything. Amazingly on Wednesday I received a phone call from Title 9 for an easy sort of job, not particularly lucrative but a convenient location, part-time. I had the interview today and it's not fabulous pay but it's the kind of work environment that would be really nice and best of all, when I go home it's over. Huge bonus points - a gym on the property!

Later on Wednesday another phone call came in for a job as "mental health parent consultant" for an agency that is on the other side of the hills in Contra Costa County. From what the ad says the month of July will about kill me between what they would want, DNE, and school but I'd have money if I get it. I'd be dead but bills would get paid. That interview is on Monday bright and early.

While having a lovely time at Title 9 another call came in for an office job for another non-profit agency that works with veterans.

Oh yeah, recently I also got two emails from women looking for doulas, one got back to me and I had that interview last night. Whew! Something has got to happen soon. Right? TGF has also been working hard at applying for things even while she works on completing the 24 page application (no I am not exaggerating) for a job with the city of SF that has about eleventy hundred steps. Seriously this has been a dangling participle of employment in front of our drooling mouths and hungry bellies since November. Yes, November! So send lucrative & flexible employment thoughts over to Casa de Cedar, please?


heather said...

sheesh, an application (let alone 24 pages) after 5 months??? congratulations, man. that is the longest-ass interview process i've ever heard of.

oh and on that note, good vibery sent to both of you. =)

Jennie said...

Yeah, I thought it took a long time to get *my* job! Karen wins.

Sheesh, reading all that made *me* tired! Good luck with the interviews. Sorry you didn't get the lucrative one. That sounded like a good possibility.

goblinbox said...

Here's some job-getting juju:


You'll get jobs. Both of you! Then you'll be able to afford me when I come visit! We'll buy electronics and yarn and groceries! It'll be an orgy of acquisition! (Only because when one lives in Iowa, she has to shop when she emerges into the real world. I'm not really a shopper, me. Generally get shopped out and cranky in half a day of it.)

I'd tell you that the Universe wants to give you what you want, and that you need to quit being willing to do anything and instead should sit and mentally design exactly what you want, so that the benevolent world can provide it for you, but it didn't seem to work for me the last time I WAS UNEMPLOYED FOR NINE MONTHS so I'll keep my fucking mouth shut and just say best of luck to you both!

wen said...

hey i was at title 9 in berkeley the other day. :) i hear they are opening a mill valley store. the people working were very nice and one kept bursting into song. lol.

good luck with it all!!

i trust you are tailoring your resume to each job? if not, do it. it will work. promise.

also--the book uhm, it's called, drats i hate my post-sickness brain sometimes--guerilla marketing for job hunters has some good ideas. (some are good some are not my style but it will get you thinking)

also--join linked in...