Sunday, April 15, 2007

Socks! We have socks!

In actuality I don't have socks, not anymore because they were being made for Sunny and she, like Elvis, has left the building. Over a year ago I made these little footed things which incorporated a short row toe and heel. The pattern, Loulou Socks were a nice introduction, though as you can see I had some difficulty with the heel having gaps. I considered these a tester version as I used Cleckheaton's Country yarn (a gift of leftover yarn from Jennie (In a colourway they no longer make, a shame IMO) and I believe size 6 double points. Given the size of the needles, the thickness of yarn, these babies flew off the needles as they say.

Some months later I found a good deal on Regia Surf yarn, a cotton/wool blend for socks in purples that I knew would delight Sunny. But then the fear set in of making "real" socks (thin yarn and size 1 needles!) and the obsession for just the right pattern. A plain stockinette leg was too dull but what could one do with striping yarn that would not be too busy? Months, months I tell you went by before I finally cast on which I did in late February. I did Wendy's figure 8 cast on because I wanted to make toe-up socks but wanted to learn something different from the short row that I had tackled before. The first had to be ripped and restarted but still has an obvious error in the toe. My short row heel was perfect on one side and a little less so on the other leaving me happy enough.

The feather & fan pattern (also from Wendy) of the leg is exceedingly q
uick to knit and was a lovely bit of frill for the sock.

The second sock's toe went much smoother but the heel, oh the heel. Let's just say that there wasn't patience or time for ripping and restarting the heel. Creative weaving helped the sock look a bit less awkward. I did also take care to try to match the striping as closely as possible.

This pair of socks took less than one ball of the Regia so I still have two more complete balls but I don't want to make more socks from this, at least not adult socks, as I over the striping, lovely as it is. I know several young girls (under the age of 7) who would probably love these colours and dang that would be a quick knit, even using size 1 needles.

All in all it was great fun and I am plotting my next pair of socks, in a more subtle colourway (still searching for the right one) as a gift for a friend. I think maybe Pomatomus, Falling Leaves, or maybe Anastasia.

In the meantime I am still trudging through my other secret project which is a lovely knit, I just am not meant to be a monogamous knitter. I have swatched for T'Mane's Summer Swing Top and have been eying my stash for other things to start. Interweave's Clementine in this varigated mystery yarn (I think it's a rayon mix) is calling for swatch. I suspect I have enough of this yarn, but need to measure and weigh to guesstimate, then see if the colours or the pattern get lost when combined.

A related note, I have meant to create a scrapbook using photos of my projects, yarn labels and sample for some time. This weekend, on a splurge I bought a small scrapbook album to start such a project - eventually. I even reorganized my knitting photos my computer. From here I am certain the project will languish in a corner for some time to come but in theory I could begin anytime now!


Jennie said...

Lovely sockses! I'd forgotten you'd used that Country yarn for the Loulou socks. And the purple ones just look great! Maybe a small shawl with the rest...?

Yes, I noticed you had a new Flikr thingy with your knitting photos. (covet covet covet)

goblinbox said...

I started my second pair of socks ever a month or so ago, and after knitting along for awhile realized they were too big. So the project's just sitting in my knitting bag. I'm trying to decide if I'll just decrease a little and duplicate the bagginess on the second sock, or rip the whole fucking thing out. Re-knitting knit yarn sucks because it's all curly. Gah. Teach me to be sloppy with my gauge.

I knit cuff-down because I'm a-feared of the toe-up heel. Also because I always (well, once) use the same pattern, which is a formula one plugs foot size and gauge into.

goblinbox said...

Over. Not ever a month ago.

Jbeeky said...

I love those purple socks! And I'm 37!