Sunday, April 15, 2007

Late afternoon in the yard (photo heavy)

This morning there was a nice strong rain but as often happens here in the Bay Area is that on rainy days there is still beautiful sunlight at some point in the day.

We have a fair amount of potato vine that has died off but we have quite bit that is full of life. This stray vine is cascading down from the overhead arbor part of our gates, almost hitting me (who is quite short) on the head as I pass through.

We have one lone blueberry plant put in by our blessed landlady o
f perpetual patience (BLPP). Last summer it did better with fewer weeds around it, and this year she's larger with many more blooms but I have doubts about jam.

Here are some of the dozens of native California poppies we have sprouting everywhere. Our yard spaces have a large number of native plants, again put in by BLPP, which is great. As lovely as "foreigners" are there is something nice about having flora that is geared to our seasons of rain and drought.

We also have an abundance of roses, something I have never had before and struggle to keep them well and blooming but yet...

Our garden also has a selection of iris, wild, deep purple bearded and a handful of these lovelies.

Hope you enjoyed this small tour of some of life in our garden space.

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Jennie said...

Beautiful. I had no idea you had bearded iris as well as the rest! I adore CA poppies.