Thursday, March 01, 2007

My nomination

No, not literally mine, but that of a post which spoke to me as a "perfect post". When I first encountered it I though of the concept of the perfect post - a notion I came across while traipsing through the blogosphere . I wrote about the post, in terms of where it led me. That post inspired one of the lovely folks involved in the PP List, Momma K of Petroville (and Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil) to ask me to officially nominate a post.

Are there other fine candidates out there? Absolutely, but truthfully I love this post, and I haven't been doing much slogging through the 'sphere lately so this remains my perfect post of the moment.

Erotiterrorist is a blogger I came across while looking at, {gasp} things of a sexual nature on the 'net. It's true I read about sex, think about sex, and try to have sex quite frequently. I like sex. I like reading smut as much as I like reading intelligent discourse on the subject. In fact the other day I wrote my first porn! Oh wait, this is about the "perfect post". Off track for moment there, but I'm back now. Okay then. Shon's writing is quick, rather precise in that the language is beautiful but there is not much extraneous words strung about. This goes for his reports on activities at the dungeon, his erotica, and other pieces such as the one on Anna Nicole Smith which is the one that blew me away.

For whatever reason the news of Ms. Smith's death shocked me in a way I was unprepared for, given I did not particularly care for her one way or another. Perhaps because she was younger than me. Or because this was yet another example of how things can change in a moment and an unexpected death is the one we fear and lie in wait of. I suspect it also just plain saddened me because it seemed so clear that she was a woman living in a great deal of confusion and pain about her place in the world. This piece of my reaction was the one that spoke to me when I read Shon's post about her.

His post spoke elegantly about her place in society, how her actions and our need to place people, either above or below us helped create the train wreck of Anna Nicole's life. Unlike pieces on television news or the tabloids which spoke in catty whispers and coked up drama, Shon's piece actively mourned her and society's need to squash some people. It was a beautiful eulogy for someone who probably would never received one as perfect as this one.

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BrownPants said...

hahaha. Oh my god. GASP! You don't really think and do S-E-X do you?