Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Advance insight and smart recouping

It is an entry which is almost entirely links.

Initially I was quite excited and I admit a bit stunned when I read on Arse's blog that Edwards had hired feminists bloggers from Pandagon and Shakespeare's Sister (blogs that have long been in my personal lists of sites to visit regularly). Seriously, these people write strong statements, use salty language, and OMG actually refer to themselves as
feminists (shush!!!!). Seriously. Writing for a presidential candidate? I thought have things really changed, could we truly be moving in a forward pattern? Reading comments at Arse, particularly by Diane, whom I respect a great deal, gave me significant pause even while I marveled at how bloggers are an entity recognized by circles that I was sure would scoff at the majority of us.

Of course it did not last. Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan both resigned, both gracefully saying the Edwards machine did not ask them to step down,but rather begrudgingly supported their decisions. Who knows the truth but these women have been quite dignified. While I had hoped for some interesting dialogue I am happy that they are back where they are comfortable and well regarded.

Yesterday I found, probably through Arse (have I mentioned how much I adore her and her blog? No? Well, really it is one of those blogs where I read
every post. Oh what I was saying something else wasn't I? Oh yes, I remember.) Somehow (though we all know it was through you my dearest Arse) I found an article by a feminist blogger, whom I had not come across before, who was woo'd before Amanda to come hop on the campaign train. I found the article interesting because of the level of naivete portrayed by Lindsay of "Bob". Really it was sweet, hopeful and reflected a bit more of how I wish things could be in a way. Lindsay points out just how much of a divide between how her blog works and what "Bob" thinks could be. I also got some insight into the politics of blogging, politics that are using blogs, political blogs and probably a few other variations of those words together.

Related to all of this is the most recent debacle that is Ann Coutler. I am hesitant to actually provide a link to this woman because I have so little respect for her. If you haven't heard of her, don't know enough to have an opinion on her, google to your heart's content. Speaking as if she had a sense of humour Ann used the word faggot to refer, in a very obtuse way, to John Edwards. Check here for a video of the lovely speech. At some point, I believe after this event (cannot remember where I found this) she said that she would never insult gay people by comparing them to Edwards. Interesting way to try to save face. The Edwards machinery has used this little zinger most creatively by attempting to capitalize on the public's hunger for such titillating displays that pass as intellectual debate. They have created something called "Coulter Cash". Without thinking about it too much, I absolutely
love this idea. I am sure wiser brains will find a problem with it, but for now, I am kind of gleeful about it, even though, thanks to Diane I have no false illusions about Edwards as my democratic choice.


Anonymous said...

I hate HATE ann coulter, she's sucha nasty person, did you ever see the video of her getting a pie in her face? She was speaking at a college and in the middle of her speech the guy runs across and throws a pie in her face.... Classic and hilarious

Jbeeky said...

Who are you leaning towards?