Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gosh it's sunny out!

Reading the comment that my buddy Bitter Betty wrote on the last entry was the final prod I needed to post again to update for y'all. (BTW you should visit Miss Betty - she's freaking funny!)

First, thank you to those who wrote.

Two, if I were truly self aware (for the two people in this world who think I am) I would have just kept my frigging mouth shut the other night.

Three, even in the midst of all that (which did continue quite a bit the next day thank you so much brain!) I was aware of some of the causes of the grand descending of my mood.
3a. biochemical (guess what appeared today!)
3b. my new semester started yesterday
3c. cellular memory - it's two years since I ended my longest relationship
3d. my loan check has not appeared which adds to my financial stress
3e. my mother is coming to visit which is great but still stressful (you should see the list of projects I want done before she appears in, oh, less than 3 weeks)
There is probably more but I think you get the idea.

And really it has been exceptionally beautiful out. And warm. I mean really really warm!

In other news, you may have read on TGF's very dusty blog about some of the difficulties we have been having with Wyatt. This "issue" of his has resulted on him being on leash a lot while at the dog parks we frequent. Yesterday the "Easy Walk Harness" (for the dog! not that kind of harness - that's another post all together!) arrived, so I walked him to the BART station to met TGF after phase frigging FOUR for this damn potential job (but I digress). It was so easy I almost cried. TGF didn't even think I had him with me when she caught sight of me, thought I was holding a bag or something. Today I tested at the Albany bulb - again great, fabulous. Truly some of the best money EVER spent. Highly recommended. Of course I would still like to know what else we could do to bring back our happy, social pup. Any suggestions happily taken into consideration. He is fine with people, it's other dogs, aside from BFF Piccolo, that are the problem. Actually he is the problem - he has gotten aggressive and cranky with 90% of other dogs including ones he formally played with. It really has been quite distressing not to mention creating a lot more work rather than play for us humans. We are considering a muzzle so that we can be a little more relaxed and also to return to Point Isabel on occasion.

Okay, I'm off to start the blizzard of cleaning or school work that awaits.


Jennie said...

Want help with your projects? I owe ya!

goblinbox said...

Dominate the shit out of that dog. All the time.

Put his food out, then take it away for five minutes because you can. Wake him up when he's sleeping. Tuck his nose under your chin or 'bite' it. Roll him over on his back and get above him.

In short, act like pack alpha. Then when you're out and you don't want him to fuck with other dogs, he won't.

I've got Bindu where I can have her offleash and she'll stare and treble at other dogs, but she won't bolt and try to fight with them.

Your dog doesn't agree with you that you're alpha, so he's not minding you when you tell him not to be a dick to other dogs. You'll have better results if you convince him that you ARE the alpha and you DON'T need that strange dog harassed.

Good luck!