Sunday, February 11, 2007

Alphas, omegas and beyond

Somewhere in Blogland there exists the concept, complete with the ubiquitous button, of the "perfect post". I first came across it here, and read the friendship post linked. It was a good post, but perfect? Not in my humble opinion. Okay, I do not always think my opinions are humbly served up to whoever is listening, it is true. Very good concept in the post, but the telling gets rushed, a little cliche in places (a fate that I know I suffer from as well which may partially explain my less than impressed opinion). Today I stumbled on a post which blew me away on a subject most are probably mocking, pitying, curbside psychoanalyzing or relegating to fluff. I read it aloud to TGF who was equally impressed.

I am sure some of you will disagree with my vote of perfection of this entry but that is what makes the world go round. Before this I have never given much thought to the subject of the post, probably taking comfort in believing myself to be more aligned with the alphas than omegas (read the post and this will make sense) because isn't that where most of us would like to see ourselves. Yes there are people who like to be outliers, I am one of them but that seems to be different than being an omega. Being different, quirky (I always wanted to emulate Goldie Hawn's ability to embody "quirk" while remaining sexy), being the dissenting opinion appealed to me, still does. But I wanted to be admired, respected, even adored for those qualities not the subject of ridicule, not to have my opinions tossed off without examination.

Clearly I am not a definitive alpha, though some would argue that I regularly compete for the title, except to my dog Wyatt. I would like to think that there is not a crew of folks snickering at my antics and struggles- if there were I would certainly be an omega. I think I am part of the group that is less identifiable by this construct. Mostly I am happy to be there. There is some invisibility in this nebulous part of society in which I inhabit. I am not known for my academic worth at school, but maybe for my inability to finish classes, being direct, and for reaching out to those in my program but not always to the larger school community. Certainly I am no raising star at The Agency but again I am direct and supportive. These are not particularly alpha qualities- compassionate honesty, empathetic support, a sharp sense of humour. Society at large really has a large percentage of folks who fall between the two poles.

Right now I am taking comfort in my belief I am not an omega, and finding satisfaction in not being an alpha because their participation in the sporting event known as "the making of an omega" does not appeal to me. I think I will indulge in my little mostly invisible role in the larger society as it better matches who I believe myself to be.


Pattie said...

Hi Dharma,
The link you provided was to my blog, and I wrote that "Perfect Post."
I must agree, it was not "perfect", maybe a bit cliche here and there as you suggest. One thing I do not claim is to be perfect. Too much pressure, you know?
Anyway, the telling was rushed, partially because I held back in that post. My family and friends read my blog, so that complicates sometimes telling too many details of a story for fear of hurting someone's feelings. This is an unfortunate reality when one writes a blog that is not anonymous.
Amyway, thanks for the perspective.

something blue said...

The idea of awarding a "Perfect Post" each month is to recognize that a blogger has made an impact on you with their words. It is open to everyone. You can get more information from the people that organize this monthly. (Petroville and Suburban Turmoil.)

Each month I like to share the love with someone whose words have left an impression on me. They have all touched my soul one way or another. Perfection comes in many forms.

BrownPants said...

Heya Dharma, the link you posted to the article about ANS is very, um, challenging. I hadn't bothered to think about it, but this is such an interesting analysis of the situation. For my two cents i'm a bit too absorbed in the postmodern to think that there is such a thing as a 'perfect post'. The closest one would come would always be subjective at best, but in my books thought provoking's a key category :)