Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In which our herione partied like it was...

it was the last night of 2007.

A few days before we had received an invite from Danielle, one of the lovely women of South Park. Then I heard from Chris and Julie asking if we were going. Well that clinched it in my book!

As it happened Sunday we went in search of St*ples, but somehow I would up at DSW. Go fi
gure. Under the pretense of still being without winter boots I sauntered in. Since they had nothing that qualified I reasoned that just the other day I realized that should I ever get an interview I had nothing to wear on my feet that wasn't open toed sandals like or slinky f*ck-me pumps. Hence the hunt was on. Instantly I found something. The bonus is I now know what size I wear in Mudd. And they were another 30 or 40% off the sticker price.

So for the first time in forever I dressed up. For the first time in literally years I put on a skirt that actually bared my knees. Those who d
on't know me in real life, I don't generally show my knees. I do not wear shorts. I do not wear skirts. Except if I feel skinny, which is almost never. I didn't really feel particularly skinny Monday but I figure what the hey.

My outfit included my new purchase, which were positively commented on more than once that evening.

In a hunt for suitable clothing I went into the attic closet and rummaged through the black garbage bags of my belonging because I have yet to hang rods to turn it into a proper closet. For my birthday in 2006 I went to a good second hand clothing place on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley and bought this skirt on a whim (see above). It was just too cute to pass up. Since I now had appropriate shoes that were not sky high heels nor open toe (it is winter after all!) I thought just maybe I would wear it. Then began the hunt for black tights. Amazingly I had a pair with no runs. So along with a black lace tee shirt, a velvet jacket I wore the skirt.

Of course TGF assured me I looked fine. I chose to think I did too when in truth I knew that I was sporting what my friend Barrie referred to as "hooker legs" - thick legs peeking out of skirt thinking they are all that.

The party was great, fun, noisy, good conversation and lots of alcohol. If I had one cosmo I had at least four or five. Luckily they weren't very strong so they went down really easy. Danielle and Andy were great hosts, their children adorable, especially Asher who partied with us through the dropping of the ball. Hardy two year old. Whereas their eldest, Tess (age 7), asked TGF, Andy and I to keep it down during the house tour as she was trying to sleep. Lola the middle child, age 5,
pranced around in a variety of costumes. Winter's husband Chris is our new best friend, and if he tries to get rid of us we will put those phone videos we took of him doing karaoke on You Tube.

Julie is still in a soft cast after some foot surgery and we had too much fun coming up with tawdry stories for her to tell about her "accident" because who needs the truth. It is just such a bummer that they are moving away this summer to Wisconsin. Part and parcel of academia. Chris works at Antioch which is having all sorts of fiscal issues and is mere yards from the chopping block. She wisely decided to be proactive, unfortunately it means moving from the neighborhood. Anyone want a sweet house with a rented cottage in back?

Around here people identify themselves by their homes (the yellow cottage on Oak, to the left of the green Victorian, number 314) or by their pets (Hi, I'm Shana, four dogs and two cats). It is really funny but really does help to break the ice. If
people aren't proud of their house, it's their kids or their animals, or any combination thereof. After several meetings I finally know that Danielle is a philosophy professor at University of Dayton, which is a private Catholic university. Which is especially amusing as she looks about 25, has a Tigger tattoo on her chest and a pierced tongue. Have I mentioned that I love this area?

I cannot tell you the last time I went out for New Years Eve, hell there have been years of late where I don't even see midnight. This time, I partied, joked, drank, and I had an absolute blast.

When we left the winds were blowing wildly as we exited, not exactly tired but feeling we needed to get home to let the boy out and things were slowly winding down. We marveled at our luck at finding this place.

The next morning when the boy kindly woke me up around 9:15a.m. to go out we walked the green it was so quiet: no cars, no other people walking around. There was a light dusting of snow as we walked up and down the quiet path.
It was a stark but somehow proper contrast to just nine hours earlier. The new year has begun.


Elizabeth said...

You should submit articles to the South Park newsletter. In your words, South Park sounds like a very inviting place to live!!

Jbeeky said...

I love, love, love your shoes! Too cute! I hope you have a happy new year with lots of wonderful blogging and knitting!