Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Yarn Store Visit

Because Sunny is indulgent, and because she is the recipient of a lot of my crafting, I was able to visit Flying Fingers again. Now I was sure I knew where on Main Street the store was but as we went driving it was not where I thought. Sunny, in an unusual display of geographical acuity said, "Are you sure it's not a different store you are thinking of?" In truth we were both right. It was the same store, but they had moved from village of Irvington (where they were down near the train station as I remembered) to the tiny little hamlet of Tarrytown (in the photo showing the Music Hall, that corner is where FF lives). Both addresses were similar, 15 Main in one town, and 19 in the other. However now they were much closer to Route 9 and not the river. Sigh.

They were having a 40% off all books for the month of December so after initially fondling all the fiber I could quickly I dashed upstairs to scour for books that I have been yearning after. I found two that had been on my wish list for a few years so I felt quick lucky. Interweaves's Wrap Style, contains the Shetland Triangle wrap which has been on my list to make for quite some time. I also had Sunny skim so I could get an idea of what she might like for a future knit. Handknit Holidays has intrigued for a long time as well. I like a number of the patterns but I especially appreciate the acknowledgment of other winter holidays besides christmas.

addition to searching for books I had a mission to purchase a 16-inch circular needle in size 10.5 to make a second cozy neckwarmer, this time for TGF, as she fondled the one I made for Sunny frequently. I had also made a pair of matching ankle warmers for Sunny since had requested a pair some time ago. This yarn, Rio de la Plata's Merino is like crack. So soft and squishy; such a great colour. I.Must.Get.More. Unfortunately this particular line of theirs is being discontinued. Not to mention that it is far pricier than most of my yarn purchases. I completed the second neckwarmer on the way home from NY to surprise TGF with as one of her holiday gifts.

The other hunt was for yarn for boot toppers as shown in the holiday issue of Interweave Knits. Sunny thought they were adorable and I had a yen to try them as it would give me practice in colourwork. So I stocked up on four colours of Nature Spun in worsted weight: mallard (N21), regal purple (205), peruvanian pink (N85), and boysenberry (157W) . There should be enough yarn left over to make a matching tam I figure.

The women there were a lot of fun and the owner complimented me on my choice of books. She explained that the sale was to make psychological room for new books. Too funny.

Upon getting home later that Saturday I discovered that somehow the needles neither made it on the receipt or in the bag. Desperate I made plans to head back there on Sunday before going to Amy's (Sunny's friend who has the most gorgeous home!) holiday open house which we were going to stop in at before heading to Grand Central Station for an impromptu Raging Grannies event which Sunny wanted meet up with.

Sunday I meandered through extremely foggy conditions south back towards Tarrytown with a mission to get the damn needle and now with an additional mission: yarn for a leg warmer for Lindsay (Sunny's husband), for his bad leg. It had to be a superwash as he is not one for hand washing his laundry at all. There was a different woman running the counter who was delightful. Her statement that she had enough sock yarn to knit a pair a week for a year and half both thrilled and frightened me just a bit.

As I was contemplating needle sizing I mentioned something about Ravelry. "Oh! Let me look you up", she says. As she goes to my profile and clicks on my blog she says, "I've visited your site before". Wow. Of course she is on it as well and adds me as a friend (which I do later with her). From there I was able to determine that I did not have the second needle size I was pondering so I bought both pairs. Again, let me count the ways I love Ravelry.

So I left with yarn for Lindsay (Mission Falls 1824 Wool in Navy), two pair of circular needles (one of which seems to have disappeared since arriving home), yarn for me! (Blackberry Ridge lace weight in medium lilac) and a new friend. Since then I have read a bit of her blog and really enjoy getting to know Earthtones girl that way.

There will be photos of some knitting soon, I promise. (Greg, hush and put up with it. Think of it as fiber arts and just nod appreciatively even if you don't "get" it.


Jennie said...

Hey, I have Shetland Triangle OTN right now, just started. We should knit it together! The few rows I've done have been pretty amazing--she is SUCH a great designer.

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