Thursday, January 10, 2008

Apparently I am Mohair

I received my Knitter's Review in my inbox this morning and Clara's publishers created a little quiz to help tell what kind of fiber the readers are. Well I haven't published (or even taken) a quiz in forever so I decided this would be a fun one.

Mohair – A smooth, polished surface
“Mohair is warmer than wool, with larger, flatter scales that contribute to an overall silky-smooth appearance. The fiber absorbs dye readily and, thanks to that smooth surface, reflects it back brilliantly.” –The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

Mohairs are positive and confident. You always strive to make a good first impression because you are a proud person, and you care a good deal about what people think of you. You are careful with your words and are always tactful. You enjoy having a broad base of support and respect from those whom you come in contact. You attract this with your warm, sunny, and inquisitive personality.

I was quite intrigued by the description of camel yarn
(“Camel has very little elasticity, and it doesn’t felt easily. The fiber also doesn’t bleach easily, so you’ll normally find it used in yarns whose color either masks or enhances the natural tan shade of the camel fiber.” ) since my dear friend Greg is hoping to lead an artist adventure in Morocco in April and well there are camels there. Here is a link to the rough draft of the information - if you are interested contact me so I can get a cut of his fee. Kidding! Clearly I need to win the lottery or something because I so SO desperately want to go to Morocco and this place has bunch of excellent sounding tours.

So maybe I need to knit with more mohair. We will see. I don't have much in the queue for mohair. Finishing my self designed fingerless mitt for TGF, finishing her sweater, starting a secret project, starting socks for me(!), designing a scarf pattern, a project for Lindsay, a project for Sunny. Nope, no mohair in that list. The rest of the queue (including something for Mr. Greg Frux and Janet Morgan, his lovely wife, a sweater for our "god son", something for T'Mane), still no mohair that I can think of. Of well, maybe it's an excuse to buy some more yarn.

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goblinbox said...

I'm afraid to take the quiz 'cause if it tells me I'm bamboo I'll freak the fuck out. I HATE knitting with bamboo.

Mohair, though, I like. Mmm, mohair.