Monday, January 21, 2008

In which our herione continues the job search

I know, I haven't posted in forever. I threatened fiber photos and updates, nothing. It seems I am less than inspired, the words aren't bubbling up right now.

Last week I submitted a resume and cover letter for the first job I am serious excited about since starting my search a few months ago. My fingers are crosses that I at least get an interview but I realize the institution may already have a person lined up and just "legally" has to post the position. So it's a careful balance of hope because I am totally qualified for the position, and acceptance that nothing might happen but it has nothing to do with whether I could do the job.

In other general news, we had dinner with Julie and Chris at Thai 9 in the Oregon district a few weeks back. I continue to go to knit meet ups. Last week Emily and I ventured to a new (to us) group at a local yarn store. It was definitely fun. When some one pointed a sale basket of Cherry Tree Hill yarns, Emily said "it not calling your name". My response was that TGF must be paying her to keep me in check. In truth I left with two circular needles I needed and 2 balls of Plymouth Boku (colour 4) so I could try making Quant to practice entrelac knitting.

In part I have hopes that my knitting get togethers will help me network a job, hence part of my addiction to them, aside from them being way too much fun. Soon I will work on looking at volunteer opportunities with the prosecutors office (victim's advocate) and/or CASA work. Both would fall into the categories of areas of interest, experience and would be helpful if I ever finish my degree. Also I hear that volunteering in the prosecutor's office often leads to a job (it also helps when various in-laws work in law enforcement in the area). There is the added benefit of me having a schedule, somewhere to go which would also help my moods which while mostly manageable my emotional life could be a tad more stable.

So that's the news from here. How are all you doing?


Jennie said...

Ooh, pretty colors in the Boku.

I do hope the job comes through--it sounded great!

Breena Ronan said...

I hate that feeling, it's the perfect job, but then you have no idea whether they are really looking for someone. I lose confidence.

Melissa said...

Hey, I just gave you an award! Go to my blog and check it out.


heather said...

thinking good thoughts for the job!

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