Friday, December 28, 2007

I won! I won!

I cannot believe I forgot to let y'all know about my good luck (and perhaps an example of my Phoebe like premonition skillz). Skrilla had a "Not-So-National Finish a Sweater Month contest. Skilla had a series of unfinished sweater projects and asked folks to predict how many and which ones she would finish during her self challenge.

On the 19th I got a comment on my blog from her telling me I won. Hm, I guess the fact that I got this email the day before I left for NY may have something to do with forgetting to brag, er, tell you about this. When I got the message I ran over to her blog and found this, so excited I tell ya!

From her blog I really should hate her because she is so damn cute and talented, plus she models for Lexie Barnes bags, has had Knitscene accept one of her designs. I mean really, so folks are just too wonderful. Did I mention she is skinny too? And cooks. And is probably acing grad school unlike me? When I am in the Pioneer Valley next summer I will simply have to take her out for the beverage of her choice.

Yeah me. It's like an extra holiday gift that comes late, thus extending the joy!


Cirilia said...

HA! Thank you so much! But I have to say PSSSSSSSSSSH to some of it: A) did you know that skinny girls get cellulite too? It's a marvel of science! B) I am most certainly NOT acing grad school, I'm muddling through at best, and taking a semester off because my first 1.5 years were so crazy hard. C)I cook, but can't bake for the life of me.

Life is fair. And I'm definitely up for a drink, there is an amazing new bar in Northampton, The Dirty Truth =)

Jennie said...

Hey, congratulations! It is fun to win things--I love that sense of "What, ME?" Too cool. Can't wait to see the surprise package.

Emily said...


And how's progress on your sweater? :-)