Thursday, December 06, 2007

In which our heroine has spontaneous company

Via ravelry (have I mentioned how much I love that place!) I heard from Emily aka DaintyKitty that she was feeling the need to get out of the house and socialize. There were no knitting meet ups that I knew of, so I offered that we could just meet up somewhere or she could come to my animal infested, messy home. She replied that she "would love to come to Chez Dharma" and that animal filled, messy homes were the best kind. How could one not adore a response like that?

The idea of company helped to get my butt in gear and I straightened up which meant I was pretty happy with the place, despite the lack of hanging art, the dingy 10 year old paint job and our cheap living room curtains that barely dim the sum or block views from the outside at night. It also helped me to finally make my third batch of apple crisp before the fruit went bad. Gosh that stuff is so good. The other day I had an itch to make scones and I also wanted to make potato leek soup. Again before the leeks died a miserable death.

By the time Emily got here the crisp was done and had made the place smell great. I was just cutting the scones when the knock came so those went in the oven moments after she arrived. Later we had one each with the mother-in-law's refrigerator strawberry jam. Tasty stuff. The scone recipe is so simple and so good.

At about 7:45pm I realized the time and asked Emily if she would mind moving her knitting into the kitchen so I could make soup. She was most accommodating while I sort of consulted a recipe but largely winged the entire thing. TGF came home as the soup was simmering and we had a round of introductions. Emily announced that she really ought to be moseying home.

Later TGF had a scone and when she was told that they were easy breezy, she asked if that meant I would be making them once a week or so. I guess she likes them. Yeah!

Reflecting back I forgot in a way how nice it is to have company, to just hang out with someone. Chat, cook, and knit with someone. It's like I live here or something. How cool is that?


Wyatt's Mom said...

I'm so happy that you found this place and are making new friends. You'll have to invite Emily back over so I can get to know her better, she seemed really sweet!

Dainty Kitty said...

I think it's really cool! :-)

Again, thanks again for the hospitality. I had a great time (and my even my clothes smelled like potato leek soup when I got home which isn't a bad thing).

After knitting a few more rows and trying it on, I tore apart the hat when I got home. I realized I had read the pattern wrong (this pattern = not very user friendly for people like me who aren't exactly detail oriented) and you're supposed to knit the chart WITHIN the 6 1/2 inches. Ooops. So I'm starting it all over tonight. Argh.

And - gasp - I see from the first comment that TGF now knows we had some of the strawberry jelly!

louisiana swamp rat said...

Perhaps some things are meant to be...I'm very happy you are feeling more settled.

Jbeeky said...

Awwwww, VERY cool.

Alex said...

My first thought about the box of currants I got from you was to make scones with them, but I don't have a recipe that I like, so I need you to send me yours.

I'm so glad you're feeling settled in! I think you will be very happy there.

Personally, I love the South and Southern/Midwest culture and people. I think it's going to be clear weather for you, with occasional black clouds, but likely a decrease from the numbers seen in past years.

goblinbox said...

That was the most domestic post ever. Ever. Scones! Vissychoise! You're a domestic goddess!

And yes, guests are a gift. That's why so many cultures treat them like god - hostessing a guest often gives you more than you give.

Glad you're settling in.

Jennie said...

Sounds wonderful.