Saturday, December 01, 2007

Red is the new green?

On my homepage I have the Dayton Daily News headlines as one of my data sources. This is something I added to the page a few months before I moved there. It was amusing to see the difference in the news, and many times the articles links had typos. So cute, in a provincial sort of way.

Tonight a headline reads, "Some Ohio roads will get beet juice mix to keep ice at bay". Beet juice? Wouldn't it be better if more people were eating beets? Food products for other purposes, in bulk at that? Will beets become a prized commodity if this takes off? According the article, this is a "green" solution. If you read the article you will notice an editing problem, or perhaps it was a cut & paste error. Whatever. It's kind of cute, as I said above.

The paper itself is small, a lot of general local coverage, little world news really. The obituaries are rather comforting in that almost everyone is older, 70 years old and above is the average. Yes I do scan, sometime read obits on a regular basis when getting a paper. It's an interesting bit of sociology, or morbid thinking, which calls to you.

Truthfully I mostly read the sale circulars, particularly for groceries and hardware things, the coupons pages, and I do the crossword puzzle. It's nice to be able finish one on a regular basis. I regret to say the NYT is often beyond me. Maybe it's because I don't read the rest of the paper enough.

PS: This is my 400th post! Wowza!


Just Me said...

I know what you mean. Moving to D.C. was a shock to the system where every news item is of MAJOR IMPORTANCE! I didn't realize at the time that I'd become accustomed to seeing the hog futures on the noon news. Aaah, Ohio.

Breena Ronan said...

Hey, icy roads are a major issue in Ohio. Just you wait. I didn't know anyone still grew sugar beets. People around here used to grow them, but then sugarcane in other regions took over the business. I wonder what a sugar beet tastes like? I think they are different from regular beets.

heather said...

nice park pics (esp the blurry one), and congrats on the 400th post and seeming to settle in ever so nicely!