Saturday, December 15, 2007

A new hobby

Thrifting for yarn. I have been thinking about this because my dear friend Jennie has been doing this for awhile. Let me make it clear I am not searching for skeins of yarn but sweaters that can be reclaimed for new projects. Now that I have a ball winder I think this will be easier. There are lots of ideas about the best way to process such yarn. Some folks think it should be dampened and "stretched" to lose it's pattern memory; some think it's unnecessary.

Thursday my new buddy Andi (MysticSpiral on ravelry), called out of the blue, offering to pick me up and take me to her favorite thrift store. As long as I didn't mind having the advent
ure with a toddler, her lovely daughter. So off we went to Village Outlet, or something like that, and I received an excellent lesson on how to check for the right construction for unraveling. This place is fabulous with a capital F. Great prices, awesome labels, neat and orderly.

For less than $10 I purchased three sweaters, two stuffies for Wyatt's stocking, a small surpr
ise for TGF, and a holiday door mat in perfect condition and something that would make TGF very happy.

Okay first up a beautiful, 100% merino
wool sweater from Banana Republic for $1.75. Yes that's right less than two dollars. It's a soft lavender. No I have no idea what I will do with it. None but it's so soft.

The weather lately has been horrible cloudy and today when I shot this, well, it was snowing and now sleeting.

The second find is also Banana Republic top that I am almost tempted to keep as is because the tailoring is beautiful. But it's really too preppy for me. The colour is spectacular. I was thinking a hat and something when Andi suggested Mrs. Beeton's. Certainly something to think about! Or perhaps Delicato Mitts, or Anne's Orchid Lace Mitts! This lovely yarn source cost me $1.00.

Just when Andi and I were just about ready to move onto the toy area so Micah would finally get to have a bit more fun I found this last item that I just couldn't turn down. An XL J.Cr*w 100% wool (worsted/aran weight) sweater in a gorgeous brick red. Lots of yarn to make something for TGF. Maybe even Central Park Hoodie, a pattern I have not been drawn too, probably in part because it seems like everyone in the knitting blog world has been. (Again I must apologize for the photo.)

I told TGF about this place and we went the next day coming home with three winter coats/jackets, a fleece balaclava, and a tablecloth to use as a curtain for the kitchen doorway to the mudroom/bathroom/laundry room - all for about $14.00. I found a Lond*n Fog rain coat for $3.00 but it was too big :-(. Really great stuff at this store, I'm telling you. I cannot wait until I have real money to buy some clothes there. If I ever get a job I am seriously going to need a work wardrobe I fear.

Anyway, I now have a new addiction but at least this one is inexpensive, involve reuse, and is creative.

Oh! If anyone doing this wants "labels" for their yarn Andi has designed some awesome ones, available here, it's a pdf file.


Emily said...

Mrs. Beetons - I love those! They're at the top of my list of things to make (but not particularly in that order on my Ravelry queue) before it gets warm out next year.

Jbeeky said...

I love it! That makes the gift so much more special! Yay!

Cirilia said...

Psst--you won my contest!

I should be more on top of things, but it's a crazy time of year. I'm "getting to know you" via your blog and will send your prize sometime after the "holidays" (ha). Just email me your mailing address! Cheers!

motleycruiser said...

If this is the Value Discount on Linden then girl you haven't found the best part. They have .50cent Mondays on certain color tags. You have to go early though & be prepared for many crying babies but you can make a killing. I've gotten many a yummy sweater there