Friday, October 12, 2007

Opening days of life in a new state

We settled into a very tiny room at the Mot*l 6. I do mean tiny, cave like even since we realized we couldn’t open the curtains because the window face on the walkway to room on the second floor.

First on the agenda was returning the Behemoth which luckily was a short drive because I seriously didn’t want to be near the thing any longer than necessary. Meeting me at the truck to check it over was a skinny, snaggle tooth guy who reminded me of Cletus Spuckler from the Simpsons. Between “Cletus” and “Boomhauer” it was rapidly becoming clear to me that Dayton really is the South though according to most maps the state of Ohio is in Midwest. We compared notes on driving over mountains, me the West, him the Appalachian variety apparently. He told me that his wife found the rises and dips nerve wrecking but his daughter loved it. According to him she wants drive trucks when she grows up. As TGF says, at least she has a goal.

Another stop was to StalMart to buy shoes as mine were still totally soaked and cold.

We also drove by the house that we decided was bite too large as well as a few others. Bascially that was the bulk of our day. We met the ‘rents for dinner, this time at Olive Garden – did I mention they like to eat out and not cook?

Hit the room early and were zombies until sleep over took us.

Friday the 28th is a distant memory at this point but I do know we went to The Parents’ house to do laundry. I was finally going to go to their house! The two quick trips I had made to Ohio three years ago, seeing her parents on their turf was not an option in TGF’s mind. This felt like a milestone in our relationship. Her dad (he's retired, mom works) wasn’t around so we lounged and soaked in the experience of being in a house, a functional place where people actually have their belongings around them and space, the ability to be in separate rooms if we desired. For what was already feeling like an eternity we had been staying in tiny rooms only at night and here it was day light, we weren’t driving, we were sitting on real furniture and our dog could roll around on grass. It felt a bit like heaven.


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I know Ohio can be quite a shock from California, but you'll find the people more and more entertaining, (in all sorts of ways ;) heeh) and I'm sure you'll find a group with.. oh, let's just say all their teeth! Actually, I'm originally from Louisville, KY, so Ohio's not that bad. *grin* Granted, I only spent 4 years in Dayton...
Good luck on finding a house - it's a good time to buy they say, and I can promise you it's better than selling!