Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A forgotten tidbit

On Sunday morning before heading out to South Park we stopped over at The ‘Rents house and then onto TGF’s brother’s house where I finally got to meet our niece, T’Mane! She is just as adorable in person as her photos had indicated.

A very important thing was learned from The Brother, who is a cop, Samuels Street is the home turf of not one, but two gangs- The Ds and The 13s. Fantastic news, no? I mean that we decided to walk away not that there are gangs. Anything sound familiar about The 13s? Yeah, that was the number “Boomhauer” had tattooed on his neck. He really was a fine enough fellow, though I did have to bite my tongue when he said he refused to eat Chinese food because he didn’t like eating cats and dogs. Yep, this Dorothy is not in Kansas anymore.


dykewife said...

13? as in M13, the very dangerous gang that originated in central america and is spreading through the united states? that 13?

louisiana swamp rat said...

Wow - I'm so glad y'all didn't take that place!

Wonderful that you met the niece - things seem to be going very positively in your world right now, and I couldn't be happier for you and TGF.

goblinbox said...

It's just gonna get awesomer. Wait 'til you meet someone who really means the dumb redneck shit that comes outta their mouth. Yay!