Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We met a goal!

Monday Nebraska to Iowa (about 443 miles)

As we set out early I hoped and prayed for smoother roads because I was not relishing the idea of being a bobble doll again. Despite getting passed the last large mountain pass in Laramie Wyoming (elevation 8460 ft) there were still a number of rises and less dips from mid-Nebraska and through Iowa. I felt like I was going up, often a low rise but still up, about 70% of the time which was really exhausting work. Felt a bit like a wuss given that TGF did the Sierra ranges but it was still hard work. And well, the Purple Beast is a heavier load than the Subaru.

Iowa really is a pretty state with its rolling hills and sweet valleys. With the Motel 6 guide in hand we had decided to set Davenport Iowa as our distance goal. During the day I remembered to call Sunny to give her an update since I hadn’t spoken to her since waiting on a tow in Buford. When I told her we were about 15 miles outside of Des Moines, she said that might mean something to her if she knew anything about geography. I told her it meant we were in Iowa and had finished getting through Wyoming and that we had tackled the wide expanse that is Nebraska. She remembered Nebraska as rather plain and uninspiring from our trip across the country back in 1973. I told her I didn’t remember that state from that journey but that I found it changed landscapes as one drove through it.

At this late date I don’t remember much else about the day’s journey, which is probably a good thing because it means it was rather uneventful. We did actually make it to Davenport which represents the first time this trip that we set and met a destination goal. Impressive if you ask me; given all the bumps literal and figurative in the road on this journey.

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