Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A bite too large

The photos of the house that TGF has been obsessing about finally came via email. I found it awhile ago, I think via - a frequent haunt of mine these days. Now I am not foolish, by the price and neighborhood I knew it would need a lot of work. However it smelled of potential. I did start to think about things a bit more and how large a project it might be. TGF and I had a serious talk recently about the impact of taking on a such beast for our first project together. If it was a gut job there was no way we could live there and do the work, so that would mean covering the loans on the house and rent - still would be way less than our current rent but seriously, you know?

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand or thirty thousand words.

Offers a whole definition of indoor/outdoor plumbing, no? Yes that is outside plant life festooning the inside walls of the bathroom. Our Ohio connection friend Jer called after seeing the place which left her a bit speechless. Upon just stepping through the front door her realtor pal said "offer half the asking price". From that call it was clear that we would need to get a dumpster to rid the place of trash - and which from the few photos we have there's a lot of garage. A lot. It needs a new roof. Patches of the stucco are falling off the back of the house - lathe is showing. Not good.

I am sure there are some awesome details in this place but seriously we are talking a gut job here. I'm sure. It could be a fabulous home. But as our first renovation/flip property? I'm thinking no bloody way. I want our first couple of projects to be successful. Successful means we haven't killed each other, we make a little cash, and we are happy with what we produced.

So back to the drawing board as it were.


Wyatt's Mom said...

Are you sure? This place has so much potential. I'm waiting for the no go from the awesome Jer.

Supee said...

OMG! I'm sorry. I couldn't help LOL. Why don't you just bypass the long trip and come live in our carraige house? Yes, we'll share the toilet.

heather said...

but what an interesting idea, offering half the asking price! i would bet you could swing that $ wise then, and end up with a sweet place.

granted this is assuming you WANT to completely revamp a house and live elsewhere in the meantime. i certainly wouldn't. but if you think you can do that without killing each other, and even have a little fun, i'd say go for it.

Jbeeky said...

Um, WOW. Not exactly an elbow grease issue, more like a how many construction workers do you know issue?