Friday, July 27, 2007

A very late tag response

As I have mentioned I have been neglecting reading my blogger peeps. While just now I visited my dear 'net buddy Wen and not only did she tag me two frigging weeks ago (slacker, right here on my forehead), but she sweetly implied a desire to help me out with my move. Made my eyes tear up, she did. Given that the Purple Beast suffered a cardiac arrest today, just knowing people care like that means a lot.

So I give you the Fiver:

1. Five favorite days of the year
  • Set up at Dance New England camp, while it's quiet.
  • Hanukkah (really 8 days, but...)
  • TGF's birthday
  • Christmas because TGF loves acting like a kid that day, it's fun to watch
  • I'm partial to Wednesdays.
2. Five things I watched this week
  • My dog running and swimming
  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • My yard get majorly pruned!
  • A snippet of The Catherine Wheel, choreographed by Twyla Tharp
  • Burn Notice
3. Five things you don't want to do but should
  • Get a mammogram
  • Pack my house
  • File papers with the Behavioral Board
  • Clip my cats claws
  • Back up my computer
4. Five things you want to learn
  • Ballroom dance with TGF (2-2 above)
  • Spin yarn
  • Find balance in my life
  • Set tile
  • Speak Spanish
5. Five animals you've had as or have pets who impacted you
  • Max the first. The dog I don't really remember but acted as a nanny. Or so says my mother and why would she lie
  • Sybil. When Ninia moved to Hawaii she said if she had children I would be their guardian so of course it was a no brainer to give me her cat who she couldn't transport across the ocean. She would spoon with me.
  • Scully who demanded he come back to his house which I had bought. He communicated like no other cat I've ever met.
  • Wyatt, our puppyman. He makes me laugh everyday. I never would have gotten a dog except TGF is a dog person. It is next to impossible to imagine life without him.
  • Saana. Thoughts of her still make me cry. She touched my soul so deeply in the nine montha she was alive.
6. Five favorite pieces of clothing
  • Black and white sundress that I bought from Kimberley at camp a number of years ago.
  • Anything I've bought from Tienda Ho on Telegraph Avenue (the best dressing rooms. Ever!)
  • A pair of Joe Boxers mens' black pajama bottoms
  • A big gray Henley like top
  • An olive green mesh silk sweater
7. Five things you enjoy in the summer
  • Dance New England camp!
  • Longer periods of day light
  • The fog
  • Warm weather
  • Cool evenings
8. Five foods you don't like
  • Liver
  • Sea urchin
  • Soft boiled eggs
  • Chocolate covered candied ginger
  • Over cooked spinach
9. You are given $50,000 to give to 5 people as $10,000 cash gifts, who and why
  • My friend Adrienne, who is always struggling and always gives more than she has
  • Sunny, my mother, because she has been more than generous and I really want to repay something to her. Maybe she could self publish her poetry
  • Set up a college, or run around the world for six months fund for our niece, T'Mane
  • My foster daughter Michelle so she can make choices she believes in rather than ones she can afford
  • Ruth, so she could do her art more and work less, even just for a little while.
10. Five things that are not where they belong
  • 30 extra pounds (on my body!)
  • Bush (in the White House - stole this one from Wen, couldn't help it!)
  • My academic record (it's in the toilet)
  • The Purple Beast, stuck on the street refusing to start
  • Veronica Mars (off the air)
I won't tag anyone specifically but feel free to do this. Just let me know so I can read your lists!


heather said...

bah i forgot about this too. maybe get to this weekend.

sorry to hear your car is kaput. :( we just had to shell out a bunch for ours, bleh.

Jbeeky said...

Will we see dance camp pictures? Sorry about your car, hope it gets a transplant or something!

dykewife said...

hopefully the car will come to life with little or no cost to you.

i did the meme thing.

wen said...

thanks! i loved your answers. :) too bad you are moving or i could teach you to ballroom dance!